Do It Again (The Chemical Brothers song)

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"Do It Again"
Do it again 2.jpg
Single by The Chemical Brothers
from the album We Are the Night
  • 14 May 2007 (Japan)
  • 5 June 2007 (US)
  • 25 June 2007 (UK)
Length 3:33 (radio edit)
  • Tom Rowlands
  • Ed Simons
  • Alexander Williams
Producer(s) The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers singles chronology
"The Boxer"
"Do It Again"
"The Salmon Dance"

"Do It Again" is a song by the British electronic music duo The Chemical Brothers and is the fifth track on their 2007 studio album We Are the Night. The song also featured Ali Love, and was released as the first single from that album in early June 2007. It reached its highest chart position in Italy, where it hit #2. It also made it into the UK Singles Chart, where it peaked at #12. It was released as a digital download on the iTunes Store on 15 May 2007. The music video for the song was directed by Michael Haussman and was set in rural Morocco. The song was nominated at the 50th Grammy Awards for "Best Dance Recording" but lost out to Justin Timberlake's "LoveStoned / I Think That She Knows".

Early versions of the song featured a sample of the song "On a Journey" by Elektrik Funk (the line "I sing the funk electric"). At last minute, it was dropped and replaced by "Let's turn this thing electric".

The song contains many similarities, including the same spoken-word phrase "Do it again," to the 1998 dance track called "Do It Again" by DJ duo Razor & Guido.[1]

The song was used in Paco Rabanne's "One Million" video advertisement.

Music video[edit]

The video for The Chemical Brothers' "Do It Again" is similar to that of Fatboy Slim's "Ya Mama" video,[2] which includes a tape that causes uncontrollable dancing. It takes place in Morocco and is centred around a little boy and his older brother. The younger boy has a toothache and must have his tooth removed but he escapes with his brother, whom he begs not to let anyone take his tooth away. Whilst walking through the desert, a cassette tape falls from the sky. It is noteworthy that the writing on the tape is "Chemical Brothers" in Arabic, although the translation is not quite accurate. The brothers get a tape player and once they hit play, the music causes them to dance uncontrollably. As they bring it back home, they see that anyone who hears the music starts dancing too. By hitching rides on cars, motorcycles and on top of buses, they travel to a larger city into a market where they use the hypnotic music to help them acquire money from a bank. With it they fix the boy's tooth instead of pulling it out, and return home. It was directed by Michael Haussman.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Do It Again (Edit)"
  2. "Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)" – 6:09
UK 7" (Limited Edition White Vinyl)
  1. "Do It Again (Edit)"
  2. "No Need"
UK 12"
  1. "Do It Again (Extended Mix)"
  2. "Clip Kiss"
  1. "Do It Again (Edit)"
  2. "Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)"
  3. "No Need"
  1. "Do It Again (Extended Mix)"
  2. "Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)"
  3. "Do It Again (Audion's House Arrest Mix)"
  4. "Clip Kiss"
  5. "No Need"
US 12"
  1. "Do It Again (Extended Mix)"
  2. "Clip Kiss"
  3. "Do It Again (Audion's House Arrest Mix)"
US iTunes [and Napster]
  1. "Do It Again"
  2. "Do It Again (Extended Mix)"
  3. "Do It Again (Oliver Huntemann Remix)"
  4. "Clip Kiss"


Chart (2007) Peak
UK Singles Chart 12[3]
UK Dance Chart 1[citation needed]
Italy Singles Chart 2[citation needed]
Ö3–Austria Top 40 – Single Charts (Austria)[4] 63


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