Do Raste

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Do Raste (1961 film)
Directed by Qadeer Ghori
Produced by Muhammad Ayub Chaudhry

Bahar Begum
Yousuf Khan

Ejaz Durrani
Music by Inayat Hussain aka Master Inayat Hussain
Malik Rafiq
Release date
Language Urdu

Do Raste is a 1961 Pakistani film directed by Qadeer Ghori, produced by Muhammad Ayub Chaudhry, starting Bahar Begum, Yousuf Khan, Ejaz Durrani, Neelo, and Talish with music by music director Master Inayat Hussain also known as simply Inayat Hussain.[1][2][3]


Film's Music[edit]

The music was written and directed by Inayat Hussain but this film had no 'hit' songs in it.[1][3]

Film's Reception at the box-office[edit]

Do Raste was not well received and was a flop film.[1]


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