Do or Die (film)

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Do or Die
Promotional film poster
Directed by Andy Sidaris
Produced by Andy Sidaris
Written by Andy Sidaris
Starring Pat Morita
Cynthia Brimhall
Erik Estrada
Music by Richard Lyons
Cinematography Mark Morris
Edited by Michael Haight
Distributed by Malibu Bay Films
Release date
June 28, 1991
Running time
97 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Do or Die is a 1991 action film starring Cynthia Brimhall, Pat Morita and Erik Estrada. It was directed, written and produced by Andy Sidaris.


  • Pat Morita as Masakana 'Kane' Kaneshiro
  • Erik Estrada as Richard 'Rico' Estevez
  • Dona Speir as Donna Hamilton
  • Roberta Vasquez as Nicole Justin
  • Bruce Penhall as Bruce Christian
  • Cynthia Brimhall as Edy Stark
  • William Bumiller as Lucas
  • Michael J. Shane as Shane Abilene (as Michael Jay Shane)
  • Pandora Peaks as Atlanta Lee (as Stephanie Schick)
  • Carolyn Liu as Silk
  • Richard Cansino as Hebert
  • Chu Chu Malave as Bodreaux
  • Ava Cadell as Ava
  • Skip Ward as Skip
  • James Lew as Lew
  • Eric Chen as Chen
  • Paul Hospodar as Duke
  • H.D. Wood as Woody
  • Christian Drew Sidaris as Spencer (as Drew Sidaris)
  • Rodd Saunders as Dudley
  • Bill Allen as Fiddle player
  • Louis Ballis as Washboard
  • Tony Bucci as Accordionist
  • Bonnie McFarland as Big Pines Waitress
  • Betty Williams as Big Pines Diner
  • George Williams as Big Pines Diner
  • Trigger as Cat

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