Do or Die (serial)

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Do or Die
Do or Die FilmPoster.jpeg
Film poster for episode 2
Directed by J. P. McGowan
Written by Anthony Coldeway
Starring Eddie Polo
Magda Lane
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • May 30, 1921 (1921-05-30)
Running time
18 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent (English intertitles)

Do or Die is a 1921 American film serial directed by J. P. McGowan. The film is considered to be lost.[1]


  • Eddie Polo as Jack Merton
  • Magda Lane as The Mystery Woman
  • Inez McDonald as Dolores Nunez
  • J. P. McGowan as Captain Alvarez / Satan
  • Jay Marchant as Mendez
  • Jean Perkins as Rafael


The film serial had a working title of The Seal of Satan. Several of its scenes where filmed at the Morro Castle in Havana, Cuba.


  1. The Buccaneer's Bride
  2. The Hornet's Nest
  3. The Secret of the Sea
  4. The Hidden Danger
  5. The Bandit's Victim
  6. The Escape
  7. In Hiding
  8. The Trap
  9. Under Sentence
  10. The Secret Cavern
  11. Satan's Twin
  12. The Lost Ring
  13. The Cipher Key
  14. The Midnight Attack
  15. The Race for Life
  16. The Crystal Lake
  17. A Fight to the Finish
  18. Hidden Treasure

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