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For other uses, see DOA (disambiguation).
Origin Japan
Genres Rock, Pop, Folk rock, Hard rock, Country rock
Years active 2004–present
Labels Giza Studio
Website Official Website
Members Daiki Yoshimoto
Akihito Tokunaga
Shinichiro Ohta

doa (read as "do-a") is a Japanese hard rock band currently under the Giza Studio label. The band is named after a single letter of each of the members' names: Daiki Yoshimoto, Shinichiro Ohta, and Akihito Tokunaga.[1]

So far they've released 23 singles, 10 albums, 1 best and 1 indies album[2]




Release Day Title Peak
1st 2005/2/9 open_d 50
2nd 2005/11/23 CANDLE 59
3rd 2007/09/26 3 30
4th 2008/11/29 Prime Garden 31
5th 2009/08/12 FRONTIER 32
6th 2010/08/11 THIS IS LIFE 56
7th 2013/01/23 RIDE ON 63
8th 2014/01/22 WANTED 45
9th 2015/01/28 FLY HIGH 69
10th 2016/01/27 FREEDOM×FREEDOM(album) 63


Release Day Title
1st 2004/07/14 "Hi no Tori no Yō ni" (火ノ鳥のように?)
2nd 2004/09/15 "Shiro no Jumon" (白の呪文?)
3rd 2004/11/24 "Eiyū (英雄?)
4th 2005/04/27 "Aoi Kajitsu" (青い果実?)
5th 2005/08/17 "Kimi Dake ni Kizuite Hoshii" (君だけに気づいてほしい?)
6th 2005/11/2 "Candle" (キャンドル?)
7th 2006/08/23 "Zero no Kimochi" (ゼロの気持ち?)
8th 2006/12/6 "Kokoro no Rhythm Tobichiru Butterfly" (心のリズム飛び散るバタフライ?)
9th 2007/03/7 "Harukaze" (はるかぜ?)
10th 2008/04/2 "Glass no Highway" (ガラスのハイウェイ Gurasu no Haiwei?)
11th 2008/07/16 "Southern Lights" (サザンライツ Sazan Raitsu?)
12th 2008/10/22 I wish
13th 2009/01/28 "365 no Diamond" (365のダイヤモンド?)
14th 2010/03/17 "Tabidachi no Uta" (旅立ちの歌?)
15th 2011/03/16 Now and Forever

Digital Singles[edit]

Release Day Title
1st 2011/05/25 We are one
2nd 2012/06/20 "Sugar Train" (シュガー トレイン?)
3rd 2012/09/12 "Mawari Michi" (まわり道?)
4th 2013/05/22 Something
5th 2013/07/24 "Conbini Madonna" (コンビニマドンナ?)
6th 2013/10/9 "Dare yori mo Chikaku ni Iru no ni" (誰よりも近くにいるのに?)
7th 2014/10/8 SMILE
8th 2015/11/25 FREEDOMxFREEDOM(single)

Best Album[edit]

Release Day Title
1st 2014/06/25 doa BEST ALBUM "open_door" 2004-2014

Indies Album[edit]

Release Day Title
1st 2004/06/16 deadstock

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