doa (Japanese band)

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Origin Japan
Genres Rock, Pop, Folk rock, Hard rock, Country rock
Years active 2004–present
Labels Tent House (2004)
Giza Studio (2005-)
Website Official Website
Members Daiki Yoshimoto
Akihito Tokunaga
Shinichiro Ohta

doa (read as "do-a") is a Japanese rock band under the Giza Studio label. The band is named after a single letter of each of the members' names: Daiki Yoshimoto, Shinichiro Ohta, and Akihito Tokunaga.[1][2]


  • In 2004, the band has debut with mini album "Deadstock" under indies label Tent House
  • In 2005 they've joined to major label Giza Studio owned by distribution company Being Inc. and since then regularly release studio albums and singles
  • In 2010, they've participated in Christmas cover album "Christmas Non-Stop Carol" along with other Giza and Tent House artists.[3]
  • In 2011 they did their first hole live tour doa LIVE “open_door” 2011 Spring and during the event released non-paid digital single We are one[4]
  • In years 2012-2016, during their live performances they sold charity goods in order to donate for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake with total financial support of more than one million yen.[5]
  • In 2017, after thirteen years of their debut, they've released their first Live DVD doa 12th Winter Live“open_door”2016.[6][7]



So far they've released 23 singles, 8 digital singles, 10 albums, 1 best of, 1 indies album and 1 live DVD.[8]


Release Day Title Peak
1st 2005/2/9 open_d 50
2nd 2005/11/23 CANDLE 59
3rd 2007/09/26 3 30
4th 2008/11/29 Prime Garden 31
5th 2009/08/12 FRONTIER 32
6th 2010/08/11 THIS IS LIFE 56
7th 2013/01/23 RIDE ON 63
8th 2014/01/22 WANTED 45
9th 2015/01/28 FLY HIGH 69
10th 2016/01/27 FREEDOM×FREEDOM(album) 63


Release Day Title Rank
1st 2004/07/14 "Hi no Tori no Yō ni" (火ノ鳥のように) 46
2nd 2004/09/15 "Shiro no Jumon" (白の呪文) 34
3rd 2004/11/24 "Eiyū (英雄) 49
4th 2005/04/27 "Aoi Kajitsu" (青い果実) 47
5th 2005/08/17 "Kimi Dake ni Kizuite Hoshii" (君だけに気づいてほしい) 57
6th 2005/11/2 "Candle" (キャンドル) 49
7th 2006/08/23 "Zero no Kimochi" (ゼロの気持ち) 48
8th 2006/12/6 "Kokoro no Rhythm Tobichiru Butterfly" (心のリズム飛び散るバタフライ) 38
9th 2007/03/7 "Harukaze" (はるかぜ) 29
10th 2008/04/2 "Glass no Highway" (ガラスのハイウェイ, Gurasu no Haiwei) 14
11th 2008/07/16 "Southern Lights" (サザンライツ, Sazan Raitsu) 21
12th 2008/10/22 I wish 39
13th 2009/01/28 "365 no Diamond" (365のダイヤモンド) 36
14th 2010/03/17 "Tabidachi no Uta" (旅立ちの歌) 26
15th 2011/03/16 Now and Forever 52

Digital Singles[edit]

Release Day Title
1st 2011/05/25 We are one
2nd 2012/06/20 "Sugar Train" (シュガー トレイン)
3rd 2012/09/12 "Mawari Michi" (まわり道)
4th 2013/05/22 Something
5th 2013/07/24 "Conbini Madonna" (コンビニマドンナ)
6th 2013/10/9 "Dare yori mo Chikaku ni Iru no ni" (誰よりも近くにいるのに)
7th 2014/10/8 SMILE
8th 2015/11/25 FREEDOMxFREEDOM(single)

Best Album[edit]

Release Day Title
1st 2014/06/25 doa BEST ALBUM "open_door" 2004-2014

Indies Album[edit]

Release Day Title
1st 2004/06/16 deadstock

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