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Doaksville is a former settlement located in present day Choctaw County, Oklahoma. It was founded between 1824 and 1831, and was named for Joseph Doak, co-owner of the local trading post. Josiah and his brother originally established the post at the mouth of the Kiamichi River, then relocated one mile west of the Fort Towson-Doaksville Cemetery. after Fort Towson was established in 1824.[1]

Accessibility to steamboat traffic on the Red River made Doaksville a principal town of the Choctaw Nation in the Indian Territory.[1] In the 1820s and 30s, it was a major destination for Choctaws who were required to move from their homes in the Southeast and move to Indian Territory.[2] By 1840, the town had several stores, a gristmill, a blacksmith and a hotel.[1] By 1850, it was the largest town in Indian Territory.[2] It served as the capital of the Choctaw Nation between 1860 and 1863. A convention in Doaksville ratified the Doaksville Constitution that guided the Choctaw Nation until 1906. The capital moved to Chahta Tamaha in 1863.[1] Th Oklahoma Historical Society claims that Doaksville began to decline in importance in 1854, when the U.S. Army abandoned Fort Towson.[3]

Confederate General Stand Watie surrendered at Doaksvlle on June 25, 1865. After the war, Doaksville declined economically. The war had destroyed the plantation-based economy of the surrounding area. In 1870 a railroad line bypassed Doaksville, causing most businesses to move to the town of Fort Towson, which was on the rail line.[2] The post office closed in 1903. Nothing remains of the town except the cemetery.[1]

The Oklahoma Historical Society maintains an archeological preservative site at Doaksville.[2] A walkway and explanatory signs were put in place during 2001, so that visitors can view the foundations of several structures and many artifacts that were discovered during digs in 1995, 1996 and 1997.[3]


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