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Dobogókő is a popular tourist area. Part of Pilisszentkereszt village in Hungary. 133 people live here.

Dobogókő is the highest point in the Visegrád Hills (700 meter). Up in the hills lies the Ödön Téry Memorial, a stone pyramid built in memory of one of great pioneers of Hungarian tourism. In Dobogókő you can find a Tourist Museum (other name: Eötvös Loránd-menedékház), which lies in the area. There are hiking possibilities Prédikálószék, Pám Ravine, Árpád-vár, Thirring Rock.

Nearby larger settlements are Dömös and Szentendre.

Dobogókő is also a pilgrimage site for Hungarian neopagans (followers of the revived Táltos faith, that is similar to shamanism) who believe that the place is the "heart chakra" of the earth.[1][2][3]


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Coordinates: 47°43′N 18°54′E / 47.717°N 18.900°E / 47.717; 18.900