Dobromir Chrysos

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Plan of the fortress Prosek, seat of Dobromir Chrysos

Dobromir, known to the Byzantines as Chrysos (Macedonian: Добромир Хрс, Bulgarian: Добромир Хриз, Greek: Δοβρομηρός Χρυσός), was a leader of the Vlachs[1] and Bulgarians in eastern Macedonia during the reign of the Byzantine emperor Alexios III Angelos. According to Niketas Choniates, Dobromir-Chrysus was, despite his Slavic name, a Vlach by birth.[2] However, most probably he was of mixed Slavic - Vlach origins.[3] He became prominent in 1197 and is last heard of in 1202.

He was already married, but in order to cement an alliance with him the Emperor offered him a daughter of the Byzantine warlord Manuel Kamytzes. She was forced to divorce her husband and to marry Dobromir in 1198. About 1200 he took a third wife, the Emperor's granddaughter Theodora Angelina, who had previously been married to a rival leader, Ivanko.

In 1202 the lands of Dobromir Chrysos were conquered by Bulgarian emperor Kaloyan.


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