Doby Springs, Oklahoma

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Doby Springs was a community in Harper County, Oklahoma, United States, about eight miles west of Buffalo. The post office was in existence from January 13, 1908, until April 29, 1922. The community was named for townsite owner, C.C. Doby. Doby Springs is currently a recreational park, municipal golf course and the source of water for the city of Buffalo, Oklahoma.

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Coordinates: 36°50′17″N 99°46′55″W / 36.83806°N 99.78194°W / 36.83806; -99.78194

I do not want to change anything I would like to copy and pasty an article and picture of my great grandfather C.C.Doby given name was Christopher Columbus Doby I have a copy of a news story which has been hand down from grandmother Grace Doby Elliott , her daughter Lois Elliott Newman