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Docebo LMS
Developer(s) Docebo S.p.A.
Stable release
7.0 / March 16, 2017; 2 months ago (2017-03-16)
Development status Active
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Learning management system
License GPL V 2.0

Docebo is a SAAS/Cloud platform for e-learning, also known as a learning management system.[1][2][3][4][5] Established in 2005, Docebo (Latin for "I will teach") offers a learning ecosystem for companies and their employees, partners and customers.[6] Docebo is compatible with SCORM 1.2 and 2004 as well as Tin Can.[2] Developed by Docebo Srl, the program was originally released under a GPL V. 2.0 license with no licensing costs. The program now operates as a cloud-hosted software as a service platform as well as being third-party compatible. It currently runs version 7.0.[7] The company using the platform loads a course, creates a username and password for employees, and tracks the progress of its users.[8] Docebo is available in more than 32 languages.[9] While the primary users of Docebo are midsized companies, it is also assessable for large companies and SMEs.[8][10][11]

In June 2016, Docebo was named by PCMag as "the best online learning platform for business on the market."[12]


Docebo was founded in 2005 by Claudio Erba, who continues to lead the company as CEO.[1][10] Erba had previously been working at the University of Florence as a computer consultant when a customer asked for a storage solution for teaching material.[13] The storage solution evolved into what is now Docebo.[13]

In 2012, Docebo received its first round of funding from Italian venture capital firm Principia SGR.[4][10] Later that same year, Docebo opened an office in Athens, Georgia.[10][13]

Docebo's second venture-backed financing round came from Canadian firm Klass Capital in 2016, funding its continued North American expansion with the opening of an office in Toronto, Ontario.[14]


The Docebo learning management platform offers one complete learning solution for corporate training. Docebo customers can create and deliver courses, quizzes, learning plans, playlists, surveys, events and certifications, tracking course completion and user engagement.[15]

The Docebo LMS supports formal, informal and social learning in one solution, which allows companies to access the benefits of traditional learning management systems while also enabling increased learner engagement, capturing user-generated knowledge, validating it through peer-review and sharing it across teams.[16]

Docebo includes built-in reports as well as a configurable dashboard with powerful reporting tools that allow learning professionals to easily monitor course progress and completion.[17]

Docebo also allows customers to extend their platform with more than 50 third party integrations, including built-in, easily activated popular web conferencing tools like GoToMeeting, Webex,, BlueJeans and Adobe Connect.[18]


  • 2017 Fosway Core Leader in the Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems[19]
  • 2016 Brandon Hall Group's Best Advance in Learning Management Technology (Gold)[20]
  • 2016 Brandon Hall Group's Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology (Bronze)[20]
  • 2016 Talented Learning's Best All-Purpose Extended Enterprise LMS (Top 3)[21]
  • 2016 Talented Learning's Best Channel & Partner LMS (Top 5)[21]
  • 2016 Talented Learning's Best LMS Thought Leader (Top 3)[21]
  • 2016 Capterra's Top 20 Most User Friendly LMS Software[22]
  • 2016 Training Industry's Top 20 Learning Portal Companies[9]
  • 2016 Editors' Choice[12]
  • 2016 FinancesOnline's Best Corporate LMS Software[23]
  • 2016 E-Learning 24/7's Top 10 LMS[24]
  • 2015 Brandon Hall Group's Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology (Silver)[25]
  • 2015 Brandon Hall Group's Best Advance in Learning Management Technology (Bronze)[25]
  • 2015 Training Industry's Top 20 Learning Portal Companies[9]


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