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Coordinates: 63°02′50″N 18°19′36″E / 63.0472°N 18.3266°E / 63.0472; 18.3266 Dockstavarvet is a Swedish shipyard located in the small village of Docksta, in the municipality of Kramfors, by the Gulf of Bothnia.

The company was founded in 1905 by Nils and Carl Sundin as N & C Sundins Båtbyggeri; the current name of the company simply means "Docksta shipyard"[citation needed].

In the 1970s Dockstavarvet began specializing in aluminum vessels, such as pilot boats, patrol crafts, and lifeboats.[citation needed] In the mid 1980s the company was commissioned to build a military assault craft, known as the Combat Boat 90, for the Swedish Marines. This has been the company's most successful product, with around 250 to 300 units built.[citation needed]

In 2000, Dockstavarvet acquired the Rindö naval yard, which remains the primary repair facility for the Swedish Navy's CB90s.

The Russian Border Patrol (FSB) operate 11 Interceptor Craft 16M built by Dockstavarvet.[1] These boats are based on CB90 design concept but not identical to it.


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