Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts

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Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts
Docli logo.jpg
TypeNational academy
PurposeScience, arts, academics
HeadquartersPodgorica, Montenegro
Sreten Perović[1]

The Doclean Academy of Sciences and Arts (Montenegrin and Serbian: Dukljanska akademija nauka i umjetnosti, DANU / Дукљанска академија наука и уметности, ДАНУ; Latin Academia Dioclitiana Scientiarum et Artium) is a parallel scholars' academy in Montenegro. It is named after the medieval state of Duklja, a historical predecessor to modern Montenegrin state. DANU is not the only academy in the country, as Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts (CANU) is the country's only internationally recognized national academy.

The academy was created in 1998 by scholars who considered CANU to be dominantly influenced by Serbian nationalism and essentially a branch of SANU, and wanted to establish an independent Montenegrin academy instead.

DANU grants the following awards:

  • Saint Vladimir of Duklja Award – awarded biannually for lifetime achievement
  • Sclavorum Regnum Award – awarded for achievement in the sciences
  • Lesendro Award – awarded for achievement in Montenegrin literature
  • Njegoš Award – awarded for achievement within the Academy and in the promotion of Montenegrin sciences and arts

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