Doctor's Ambulance

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Doctor's Ambulance Service
Motto: We're Here For You
Established 1974
Headquarters Laguna Hills, California
Jurisdiction Private
CEO Bruce Herren
Responses 40,000+

Doctor's Ambulance Service is a privately owned company which provides emergency medical transport services to communities in Orange County, California. The company's primary response area encompasses over 150 square miles (390 km2), six major highways and 750,000+ residents. Doctor's Ambulance also provides non-emergency medical transportation to all of Orange County and is able to transport patients into the surrounding counties as well.

Doctor's Ambulance Service was founded in 1974 in Tustin, California and currently has headquarters located in Laguna Hills, California.

June 1, 2015, Doctor's Ambulance Service is a 9-1-1 transportation provider through contracts with the municipalities of:

  • Laguna Beach