Doctor Benny

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Doctor Benny
Directed by Nolan Lebovitz
Written by Nolan Lebovitz
Starring Timothy Dowling
Jennifer Jostyn
Josh Holloway
Release date
May 2, 2003
Country United States
Language English

Doctor Benny is a 2003 comedy film.


Ben Lewis (Timothy Dowling), groomed to be a doctor from childhood, spends his days inspecting the most intimate part of the female anatomy, but for some reason has no idea how to deal with women on any sort of social level. He's even gone so far as to join a support group for virginal men, but this type of reinforcement still can't make him a hit with the ladies. When he seeks the help of a sex guru named Pheb (Josh Holloway), who actually teaches a private class to help socially inept men learn how to please the opposite sex, Ben's luck changes drastically. He begins to take advantage of his patients (with their consent) and quickly sheds the derisive slang labels of "lork" and "sooser." For all of his newly learned sexual prowess, Ben is still a good person at heart, and when he's given a resident assistant named Becky (Jennifer Jostyn), the young man realizes that true love is more important than a string of sexual conquests.


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