Doctor Shameless

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Doctor Shameless
(Chijoku Shinsatsushitsu)
Genre Hentai
Original video animation
Licensed by
Released 25 March 2003
Episodes 2
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Doctor Shameless (恥辱診察室, Chijoku Shinsatsushitsu) is a hentai anime based on an eroge consisting of two episodes about Dr. Shinji. The original Japanese release consisted of two DVDs, the first which released on 25 May 2003, and the second on 9 September 2003. It was released in the United States by Kitty Media on 25 March 2003. The work would go on to have a Spanish release by Llamentol and a German release by Trimax.


A hospital is in the brink of bankruptcy, Dr. Shinji is hired to bring in more patients for the hospital. Dr. Shinji's treatments involve shameless and humiliating methods to cure his patients. These methods include having sex with the patient, as well as watching the patient undress and masturbate. One woman is even made to urinate and defecate in front of the doctor. A female sex club performer is hired as a nurse and also participates in sexually treating male patients.[1]


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