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Doctor of Juridical Science, Doctor of the Science of Law, (in Latin) Scientiae Juridicae Doctor (sometimes also referred to as a Doctor of Laws), abbreviated J.S.D. or S.J.D., is a research doctorate in law[1] and equivalent to the Ph.D.[2][3] It is offered primarily in the United States, where it originated, in Canada and in Australia. As a research doctorate, it follows professional training in law (LL.B. or J.D.) and the first graduate-level training in law (Master of Laws), and is primarily aimed at training professors, legal scientists, and other scholars in law.


In Argentina the Doctor of Laws, or Doctor of Juridical Sciences, is the highest academic research qualification in the field of Jurisprudence.[4] To obtain the doctoral degree, the applicant must have previously achieved, at least the undergraduate degree of Attorney[5] (Título de Abogado). The doctorates in Jurisprudence in Argentina might have different denomination as is described as follows:


The Australian National University,[6] Bond University,[7] the University of Sydney,[8] the University of Technology, Sydney,[9] the University of New South Wales,[10] Monash University,[11] the University of Western Australia,[12] and the University of New England offer the S.J.D. degree. The Australian National University,[6] The University of Sydney[8] University of Technology, Sydney,[9] University of Western Australia[12] and LaTrobe University[13] describe their programs as a professional doctorate. The University of New South Wales calls its S.J.D. a research degree.[10] Monash University categorizes its S.J.D. as a research degree, but states that it is a professional doctorate in the degree description.[11] The course description by the Queensland University of Technology states that applicants are to have profound professional understanding of the practice of law, and that the research by the candidates is to make academic and professional contributions.[14]

The University of Melbourne offered a SJD program between 1994 and 2008, but stopped offering its SJD program in order to place a greater emphasis on delivering its PhD program.[15]


The only university to offer the SJD in Canada is the University of Toronto.[16]

Dalhousie University previously offered the program but it has been replaced with a PhD in Law.[17]

Hong Kong[edit]

The City University of Hong Kong offers a Doctor of Juridical Science.[18]

The University of Hong Kong offers a Doctor of Legal Science (S.J.D.).[19]


Central European University, located in Budapest, offers a S.J.D. degree.[20]

New Zealand[edit]

The University of Waikato offers the S.J.D. degree.[21]

United States[edit]

The J.S.D., or S.J.D. is a research doctorate, and as such it is generally accepted as equivalent to the more commonly awarded research doctorate, the PhD[22] It is considered the "terminal degree in law" by Indiana University[23] and as the "most advanced law degree" by Harvard Law School,[24] Yale Law School (J.S.D. Handbook),[25] George Washington University,[26] New York University,[27] Stanford University,;[28] UCLA; and Tulane University. The University of Kansas School of Law and Pace University also offer the S.J.D.[29][30] The National Association of Legal Professionals states that the J.S.D./S.J.D. is "typically the most advanced (or terminal) law degree that would follow the earning of the LL.M. and J.D. degrees."[31] Some law schools, such as Case Western Reserve University and Widener University, offer the S.J.D. in Health Law.[32][33]

Applicants for the program normally must have a first degree in law (such as a J.D. or LL.B.) and an LL.M.,[34] but an LL.M. is not always required.[35] The S.J.D. typically requires three to five years to complete,[35][36] and requires an advanced study in law as a scientific discipline and a dissertation, which serves as an original contribution to the scholarly field of law.[37]

Notable recipients of the degree of Doctor of Juridical Science include: Harvey L. Strelzin (New York U., 1906) (New York State Assembly member and professor at New York U.);[38] Charles Hamilton Houston (Harvard, 1923) (prominent civil rights attorney);[39] Lowell Turrentine (Harvard, 1929) (prominent professor of law at Stanford University);[40] renowned legal scholar and appellate court Justice Bernard Jefferson (Harvard, 1934);[41] Pauli Murray (Yale, 1965) (prominent civil rights advocate);[42] Ayala Procaccia (University of Pennsylvania, 1972) (Israel Supreme Court Justice); Christos Rozakis (University of Illinois, 1973) (President of the Administrative Tribunal of the Council of Europe and former vice-president of the European Court of Human Rights); Ma Ying-jeou (Harvard, 1980) (President of the Republic of China); Theodor Meron (Harvard Law School), professor of law (New York University) and president of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

The U.S. institutions offering the S.J.D. include:

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