Doctors Hospital (Augusta, Georgia)

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Doctors Hospital
Hospital Corporation of America
Location Augusta, Georgia, United States
Coordinates 33°29′11″N 82°5′41″W / 33.48639°N 82.09472°W / 33.48639; -82.09472Coordinates: 33°29′11″N 82°5′41″W / 33.48639°N 82.09472°W / 33.48639; -82.09472
Care system Public
Hospital type General
Emergency department Yes
Beds 350
Founded 1973
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Doctors Hospital is a 350-bed full-service tertiary care center located in Augusta, Georgia.


The facilities on the Doctors Hospital campus include:

Joseph M. Still Burn Center[edit]

The Joseph M. Still Burn Center is the largest medical burn facility in the United States. Located in Augusta, Georgia (United States), it is part of the Doctors Hospital campus, and serves as a primary burn care center for the Southeastern United States. The 70-bed unit sees admission of more than 3,000 inpatient admissions annually, one-third of them pediatric patients. Dr. Joseph M. Still, Jr., founded the center in 1978, beginning with one bed in the intensive care unit of Doctors Hospital, eventually expanding to the present state-of-the-art facility, becoming the third largest burn center in the world. In 2011, the Joseph M. Still Burn Center was recognized as a participant in the Georgia Trauma Network as a designated Burn Center. This designation makes the burn center part of the Georgia Trauma Care Network, a group of hospitals and medical centers statewide with the resources to care for the most traumatically injured patients. In addition, the Burn Center was verified by the American Burn Association and the American College of Surgeons. It is the only “verified” Burn Center in Georgia, as well as the only Trauma program in the state verified by the American College of Surgeons.

The Joseph M. Still Burn Center operates several community outreach educational programs designed to prevent burn injuries, especially targeted at children, as they make up approximately 30% of the patient population of the center.

West Augusta Radiation Oncology Center[edit]

It is a leading facility in radiation therapy.

Breast Diagnostic Center[edit]

Specializes in breast cancer treatment.

Women's Center[edit]

Is a nationally recognized facility specializing in osteoporosis and the stages of pregnancy.


In 2007, Doctors Hospital added a new High Density MRI and the latest technology in diagnostic imaging support with Digital PACS. The Cancer Care Center continues to grow with the addition of the new Cancer Care Resource Center and leading edge radiation therapy. The Women's Center has also been renovated with a new look and the progressive philosophy of Mother Baby & Family Center. The new expansion of Doctors Hospital include a new 3-story building that will add more private rooms and a new state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit.[1]

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