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Doculabs, Inc., is a privately owned information and technology consulting firm based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm provides expertise in enterprise social collaboration and content management, developing strategic plans and roadmaps to help its clients make use of these technologies to create competitive advantage. Doculabs also provides assistance in records management and information governance to facilitate compliance, reduce risk, and reduce the costs of e-discovery for its clients.

Doculabs was founded in 1993 by James K. Watson, Jr. and Paul Burian, both formerly of Xerox Corporation; and Richard Medina, formerly of Information Resources, Inc. The firm's mission was based on three principles: a specialization in content-based applications, analysis grounded by benchmark data, and objectivity. These principles remain the foundation of Doculabs' business and continue to differentiate the firm in the technology consulting services market.[citation needed]



Articles written by Doculabs[edit]

  • Seven Steps to a Highly Successful Center of Excellence, by Jeetu Patel and Linda Andrews for AIIM Infonomics, January/February 2010
  • New Impetus for Going Paperless, by Richard Medina and Linda Andrews for AIIM Infonomics, May 2009
  • Capture Capabilities Benchmarking Results: Doculabs’ Research on Industry Best Practices, By James Watson, Jr., for AIIM Infonomics, March/April 2009
  • Industry Benchmarking Results: Compliance and E-discovery Readiness, by James Watson, Jr., for AIIM Infonomics, March/April 2009
  • Doculabs’ Perspective on the Growing Market for Mobility, by Jeetu Patel and Linda Andrews, for AIIM Buyers’ Guide 2009
  • ECM and BPM: The Prerequisites for Outsourcing Initiatives, By Jeetu Patel, Gautam Desai, and Joe Shepley, for AIIM Buyers’ Guide, 2009
  • ECM in 2009: Addressing New Challenges with ECM and BPM, for AIIM Buyers’ Guide, 2009
  • The Role of Metrics in Change Management Initiatives, by David DeLuna, Gautam Desai, and Linda Andrews, for www.document
  • ECM and E-discovery: Why Content Management is Critical to Litigation Discovery, by James Watson, Jr., for Tech Decisions, November 2008
  • Lessons Learned in Records Management, by Richard Medina and Linda Andrews, for edoc, March 2008
  • ECM in 2006: Leveraging Existing Investments James Watson, Jr. PhD 1/2/2006 [1]
  • Capturing Efficiency Christine O'Connor 11/4/04 [2]



Doculabs provides consulting services to hundreds of clients, including leading organizations within the Fortune 1000 in industries ranging from financial services to insurance to government.[citation needed]


Doculabs provides consulting services to help organizations develop and execute strategies for information management that can fundamentally transform their employee, customer, and partner experiences and relationships. The firm specializes in strategies related to unstructured information management, including Enterprise 2.0 and social computing, enterprise content management (ECM), records management, and business process management (BPM). Doculabs has an established track record[citation needed] in helping its clients bring content under control and improving the ways they collaborate. Doculabs is independent; it does not sell software or implementation services, enabling it to provide objective recommendations to its clients. Doculabs offers a range of services covering the entire information management lifecycle. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Information Management Strategy
  • Adoption Planning
  • Program Management
  • Information Governance

Doculabs’ consultants average more than 20 years of relevant professional experience,[citation needed] with many years of working together as members the Doculabs consulting team. Doculabs’ consultants are recognized thought leaders in the industry, frequent speakers at industry events and webinars, and active contributors to leading publications, social media sites, and organizations such as AIIM.


Doculabs is a content partner with AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) and EDSF (the Electronic Document Systems Foundation)


  • James Watson, CEO


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