Document of the Dead

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Document of the Dead
Document of the Dead.jpg
DVD cover
Directed by Roy Frumkes
Produced by Roy Frumkes
Written by Roy Frumkes
Starring George A. Romero
Christine Forrest
Distributed by Synapse Films (DVD)
Release date
  • 1979 (1979)
Running time
66 minutes (1979)
85 minutes (1989)
102 minutes (2012)
Country United States
Language English

Document of the Dead is a 1979 documentary film by American filmmaker Roy Frumkes that was largely shot during the production of the 1978 film Dawn of the Dead. Originally a 66-minute feature, it has since been expanded two times. First, in 1989, when an 85-minute version was released, featuring new interviews from the set of Two Evil Eyes. Then, in 2012, it was released as The Definitive Document of the Dead, with a 102-minute runtime, featuring new footage filmed through 2006.[1]


Taking a look back from Romero's first television commercials onward, the documentary chronicles the career and stylistic techniques of Dawn of the Dead's director, George A. Romero.


It was first released to home video in 1989, when the 85 minute version was released to VHS. It has since been released on DVD multiple times, both on its own, and as a special feature for Dawn of the Dead.

It has been released as the main feature twice by Synapse Films, the first time in 1998 as "The Special Edition", featuring the 1989 cut along with an audio commentary, six minutes of deleted scenes, and never-before-seen interview segments from Two Evil Eyes.[2] It was then released in 2012, in both a DVD only and Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The DVD in both releases features the new Definitive 102 minute cut, along with a new audio commentary. The Blu-ray features a high-definition transfer of the original 66 minute cut.[3]

The 1989 version has been released as a special feature for Dawn of the Dead multiple times, including on Anchor Bay Entertainment's 2004 Ultimate Edition DVD set and Arrow Films's 2010 DVD and Blu-ray releases.


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