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documenta 14 is the fourteenth edition of the art exhibition documenta and took place in 2017 in both Kassel, Germany, its traditional home, and Athens, Greece. It is being held first in Athens from 8 April till 16 July,[1] and in Kassel from 10 June till 17 September 2017. As part of the concept of the artistic director Adam Szymczyk, the exhibition is proceeding in both countries. Most featured artists are working at both locations.[2]

The documenta is a series of contemporary art exhibitions. It takes place every five years (originally every four years) and lasts 100 days each; It is therefore also referred to as a museum of 100 days. The first documenta was organized in 1955 and went back to the initiative of Arnold Bode. The location of the Documenta is normally Kassel.


Deceased artists or defunct groups whose works will be included[edit]

Participants of the documenta 14 Radio Program[edit]


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