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Documentary Edge Festival
Documentary Edge Festival.jpg

Auckland and Wellington,

New ZealandNew Zealand
Founded 2004
Language International

This article references all the Awards won at the Documentary Edge Festival since 2005.

Awards 2012[edit]

International Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Vinterlys[1] Best International Short Documentary Skule Eriksen Norway Norway
The Interrupters[2] Best International Feature Documentary,

Best International Director, Best World Cinema

Steve James United States USA
Five Star Existence Best Future Watch Sonja Lindén Sweden Sweden

Finland Finland

Malaki — Scent of an Angel Best Arab Spring Kahlil Dreifus Zaarour Lebanon Lebanon
Who killed Chea Vichea? Best Human Rights Bradley Cox Thailand Thailand

United States USA

Life in Stills Best Generations Tamar Tal Israel Israel
Incessant Visions Best Heroes and Incons Duki Dror Israel Israel
Andrew Bird: Fever Year Best Culture Vultures Xan Aranda United States USA

New Zealand Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Intersexion[3] Best Feature Documentary

Best Editing

Grant Lahood New Zealand New Zealand
Gone Curling[4] Best Short Documentary Roland Kahurangi

Rachael Patching

New Zealand New Zealand
River Dog Best Emerging Filmmaker James Muir New Zealand New Zealand
View From Olympus Best Director Geoffrey Cawthorn New Zealand New Zealand
Yakel 3D[5] Best Cinematography Rachael Wilson New Zealand New Zealand

Awards 2011[edit]

International Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
The Mystery of Flying Kicks Best International Short Documentary Matthew Bate Australia Australia
Into Eternity Best International Editing Michael Madsen Denmark Denmark

Finland Finland

Steam of Life Best International Cinematography Joonas Berghäll

Mika Hotakainen

Finland Finland
Leave Them Laughing Best On the Edge John Zaritsky Canada Canada

United States USA

Enemies of the people Best International Director

Best International Feature Documentary

Rob Lemkin

Thet Sambath

Cambodia Cambodia

United Kingdom UK

Precious Life[6] Best International Director Shlomi Eldar Israel Israel

New Zealand Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Hiding Behind the Green Screen Best Emerging Filmmaker,

Best Short Documentary

Paora Joseph New Zealand New Zealand
Donated to Science[7] Best Director Paul Trotman New Zealand New Zealand
I Am the River Best Feature Documentary,

Best Cinematography, Best Editing

Luigi Cutore

Mark McNeill

New Zealand New Zealand
This Way of Life Best Contribution to the NZ Industry Thomas Burstyn New Zealand New Zealand
Untouchable Girls - The Topp Twins Best Contribution to the NZ Industry Leanne Pooley New Zealand New Zealand

Awards 2010[edit]

International Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
The Solitary Life of Cranes[8] Best International Short Documentary Eva Weber United Kingdom UK
Last Train Home Best International Feature Documentary Lixin Fan Canada Canada
Stolen Best International Editing Violeta Ayala

Daniel Fallshaw

Australia Australia
At the Edge of the World Best International Cinematography Dan Stone United States USA
Defamation[9] Best International Director Yoav Shamir Israel Israel Denmark Denmark

United States USA Austria Austria

Petition[10][11] Best International Director Zhao Liang China China Switzerland Switzerland

United Kingdom UK France France Finland Finland Belgium Belgium

New Zealand Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Dance of the Instance Best Short Documentary,

Best Educational Documentary, Best Research

Shirley Horrocks New Zealand New Zealand
Five Hours with Raja[12] Best Emerging Filmmaker Anna McKessar New Zealand New Zealand
The Unnatural History of the Kakapo Best Director,

Best Cinematography, Best Sound, Best Feature Documentary

Scott Mouat New Zealand New Zealand
Liquid Stone: Unlocking Gaudi’s Secrets Best Editing Polly Watkins New Zealand New Zealand

Australia Australia

Awards 2009[edit]

International Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Don Roberto’s Shadow Best International Short Documentary Juan Diego Spoerer

Hakan Engstrom

Chile Chile

Sweden Sweden

At the Death House Door Best International Feature Documentary Steve James

Peter Gilbert

United States USA
Sea Point Days Best International Editing François Verster South Africa South Africa
The Wild Horse Redemption Best International Cinematography John Zaritsky Canada Canada
Oblivion[13] Best International Director Heddy Honigmann Germany Germany

Netherlands Netherlands

New Zealand Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
An Ordinary Person Best Short Documentary Susan Potter New Zealand New Zealand
Shustak Best Emerging Filmmaker

Best New Zealand Feature Documentary

Stuart Page New Zealand New Zealand
The Last Western Heretic Best Educational Documentary Monique Oomen New Zealand New Zealand

Awards 2008[edit]

No Festival this year.

Awards 2007[edit]

International Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
A Summer Not to Forget Best International Short Documentary Carol Mansour Lebanon Lebanon
Please Vote For Me Best International Medium Documentary

Best International Educational Documentary

Weijun Chen South Africa South Africa
Knee Deep Best International Feature Documentary Michael Chandler United States USA

New Zealand Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
In the Night Kitchen Best Short Documentary Simon Burgin New Zealand New Zealand
Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story Best Emerging Filmmaker

Best Medium Documentary

Julian Shaw AustraliaAustralia

New ZealandNew Zealand South AfricaSouth Africa

The Nuclear Comeback Best Feature Documentary Justin Pemberton New Zealand New Zealand

Awards 2006[edit]

International Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Prostitution Behind the Veil[14] Best International Medium Documentary Nahid Persson Sarvestani Iran Iran

Sweden Sweden

Me and My Parents, My Parents and I Best International Feature Documentary Gerrit van Elst Netherlands Netherlands
Martyr Street[15][16] Best International Feature Documentary Shelley Saywell Canada Canada
The Black Road Screenrights Best Made for TV Doco William Nessen Australia Australia

New Zealand Selection[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Black and White Best NZ ShortDocumentary Kirsty McDonald New Zealand New Zealand
4 Geese in a Flock[17] Best NZ Medium Documentary Luke Wheeler New Zealand New Zealand
Ghost Fleet Best NZ Feature Documentary Jonathan Finnegan New Zealand New Zealand

Awards 2005[edit]

Film Award Directors Country
Aeon Best NZ Short Documentary Richard Sidey New Zealand New Zealand
Banana in a Nutshell Best NZ Medium Documentary Roseane Liang New Zealand New Zealand

China China

Dark Horse Best NZ FeatureDocumentary Jim Marbrook New Zealand New Zealand


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