Dodge Royal

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Dodge Royal
1958 Dodge Royal 2 door Hardtop - Flickr - Sicnag.jpg
1958 Dodge Royal Lancer 2-Door
Production1954 to 1959 (model years) [1]
Body and chassis
Body style4-door sedan [1]
2-door coupe [1]
2-door hardtop [1]
4-door hardtop [1]
2-door convertible [1]
2-door station wagon [1]
4-door station wagon [1]
LayoutFR layout
SuccessorNone [1]

The Dodge Royal is an automobile which was produced by Dodge in the United States for the 1954 through 1959 model years.[1]

First generation (1954)[edit]

1954 Dodge Royal V-8 4-Door Sedan

The Royal was introduced for the 1954 model year as the top trim level of the Dodge line, above the mid level Dodge Coronet and the base level Dodge Meadowbrook.[1] It was offered only with a 241 cubic inch 'Hemi' V8 engine.[1] The 1954 Royal V-8 range comprised 4-Door Sedan, Convertible, Club Coupe and Sport Coupe,[2] the latter being a 2-door hardtop.

Second generation (1955 to 1956)[edit]

1955 Dodge Royal Lancer V-8

The introduction of the Dodge Custom Royal for the 1955 model year saw the Royal moved down to the intermediate trim level, above the now base-model Coronet.[1] The Royal Lancer name was applied to the 2-door hardtop model and Royal Sierra to the new station wagon models.[1] For 1956 the use of the Royal Lancer name was extended to include a new 4-door hardtop model.[1] Station wagons now included 2-door Royal Custom Suburban and 4-door Royal Custom Sierra models.[1]

Third generation (1957 to 1959)[edit]

1958 Dodge Royal 4-Door Sedan

The Royal continued as the intermediate trim level in the Dodge line for models years 1957 through 1959.[1] A Royal Lancer Convertible was added for 1957 only and the station wagons were moved to their own series in the same year.[1]


The Royal was discontinued for the 1960 model year, when the full-size Dodge line was reduced to two trim levels.[1]


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