Dodi Island

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Dodi Island
Dodi Island Rocky Shore.jpg
Dodi Island Rocky Shores
Location South Ghana
Coordinates 6°33′35″N 0°06′44″E / 6.55969°N 0.11231°E / 6.55969; 0.11231Coordinates: 6°33′35″N 0°06′44″E / 6.55969°N 0.11231°E / 6.55969; 0.11231
Adjacent bodies of water Lake Volta
Area 0.625 km2 (0.241 sq mi)
Region Eastern Region
Population 600 (2012)

Dodi Island is an island in Ghana, located 5 kilometres (3 nmi; 3 mi) off the shore of Lake Volta.[1] It is a tourist destination and a land place for the cruise ship, Dodi Princess.[2]


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