Dodson, Oregon

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Dodson is an unincorporated community in Multnomah County, Oregon, United States.[1] It is located about 4½ miles (7.2 km) east of Multnomah Falls and one mile west of Warrendale, in the Columbia River Gorge on Interstate 84/U.S. Route 30.[2] It is across the Columbia River from Skamania, Washington.[2] Dodson is within the Cascade Locks ZIP code.

Dodson was a railroad station on the Oregon-Washington Railroad & Navigation Company line (today owned by Union Pacific) named for Ira Dodson, who was an early settler in the area.[3][4] Dodson station was moved several times and was once located near present-day Warrendale.[4] Circa 1885 the station was also known as "Dodsons".[5] Author Ralph Friedman says Dodson is a "hamlet that time and tracks have passed by".[6] At one time Dodson had a gas station and a motel.[7] Bonneville Grade School in Dodson closed in 1996 because of declining enrollment.[8][9] The school also served the students of Warrendale and Bonneville.[8]

Dodson was the site of the McGowan salmon cannery and a fish wheel c. 1900.[7][10] In February 1996, a series of massive debris flows, resulting from the same severe weather that caused flooding in the Willamette Valley, occurred between Dodson and Warrendale, destroying homes and blocking the railroad and I-84 for several days.[11][12] A 1.65 acre parcel in the landslide area was bequeathed to the Friends of the Columbia Gorge Land Trust, which hopes to convey the property into public ownership.[13]


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