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Dodson and Fogg is a music project led by writer and musician Chris Wade (previously known for his work with comedian Rik Mayall and Hound Dawg Magazine). It also features work from the likes of Toyah Willcox, Nik Turner of Hawkwind, Celia Humphris of folk band Trees and Judy Dyble. It has been described as psychedelic folk rock and also acid folk. The name seems to come from the novel The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens, where "Dodson and Fogg" is a firm of unscrupulous lawyers.[1]


The first album, Dodson And Fogg was released in 2012 on Wisdom Twins Records and received favourable reviews. Pennyblackmusic were complimentary, stating "This is an excellent package that has seemingly come out of nowhere to make one of the biggest impressions of 2012. Every single sound never mind song on this album demands to be heard by anyone who cares about their music. Wade has just got to be one of our most promising writers just now."[2] Ongoing music publication Terrascope also stated it's "a fine album that will remind you of summer and the joy of living".[3] The album also received good reviews from Shindig!, Fatea, Rocksucker and many others[citation needed][who?].

Dodson And Fogg was also picked up by BBC radio, most notably Iain Anderson of BBC Scotland[4] and Genevieve Tudor's BBC folk show.[5] It was album of the week on Forest FM on the week of release and featured album on 2ser radio's Sideways Through Sound, who also interviewed Wade for the show.[6]

A follow up album called Derring Do was released in February 2013. It once again featured Celia Humphris and Alison O'Donnell of Mellow Candle guested on one track. The album was praised in Classic Rock Society Magazine, various blogs and also the website Pennyblack Music, who claimed the record to be the first important album of 2013, and Wade to be "one of the most talented musicians of his generation".

Later in 2013, a third album called Sounds of Day and Night saw release. Apart from one session musician, Wade handled all music and instrumentation on the CD.

At the end of 2013, Wade released another Dodson and Fogg CD, featuring Celia Humphris again. The album was called The Call and received more positive reviews. This was followed in early 2014 by After the Fall (described by one reviewer as displaying 'the continuous raising of the bar that each subsequent release has shown.'[7].

The album In A Strange Slumber features stories narrated by actor Nigel Planer.

Wade divides his time in Dodson and Fogg with making documentaries, art films, plus fiction and non fiction books.


  • Dodson and Fogg (2012)
  • Derring Do (2013)
  • Sounds of Day and Night (2013)
  • The Call (2013)
  • After the Fall (2014)
  • In A Strange Slumber (2014)
  • And When the Light Ran Out (2015)
  • Warning Signs (2015)
  • Roaming (2016)
  • Walk On (2016)
  • White House On the Hill (2016)
  • Five Songs From the Cave (2017)
  • Down at the Beach (2017)
  • Follow the Path (2017)
  • Tales from the Hidden Village (2017)
  • A New Day (2018)
  • After the Fall Out Takes (2014)
  • Awake (2018)
  • Tempus Fugit (2018)
  • Stopping to Admire the Flowers (2018)
  • Phantom Gesture (2019)


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