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Dog & Bone is an Australian-based consumer electronics accessory company that sells mobile protection products.[1] Their products include protective smartphone cases for iOS and Android devices, smartphone charging cases and a line of Bluetooth-connected padlocks.


After being involved in the mobile electronics and accessory distribution industry for over a decade, founders, Lee Ranchod and Maria Ranchod established Dog & Bone in 2012.[2] In 2013, the company released the world’s first topless direct touchscreen waterproof smartphone case, the patented Wetsuit.[3] In January 2014, the company announced a wireless charging smartphone case with a replaceable battery module at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the Backbone Wireless Charging Case. The Backbone was awarded a Good Design Award in May 2014 in the Consumer Electronics category.[4]

At International CES in 2015, Dog & Bone previewed the first patented keyless Bluetooth padlock, the LockSmart, to the public.[5] In early 2015, the company acquired a capital raising of AUD $2.0 million by way of a convertible note to private investors. In 2016, Dog & Bone announced a TSA-approved, Bluetooth connected luggage lock at the International CES in Las Vegas.[6]


The Wetsuit Impact Case is a waterproof and drop proof case featuring a 9H flexible glass impact screen protector.[7]

The Backbone Wireless Charging Case is a shockproof wireless charging case that features a military certified rating, withstanding drops up to 4 feet.[8]

The LockSmart and LockSmart Mini are keyless Bluetooth connected padlocks.

The Wetsuit Case is the first waterproof, topless direct touchscreen smartphone case with Touch ID compatibility.[9]

The Bone Guard is a thin (0.2 mm) screen protector made from premium tempered Japanese glass that features a 9h hardness, the world’s highest standard for drops and scratches.[10]

The LockSmart Travel is a U.S. Transportation Security Administration-approved,[11] Bluetooth connected luggage lock and associated app.


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