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Dog Day
Dog Day Wed.jpg
Dog Day in 2007. (Photo: Francesca Talone)
Background information
Origin Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genres Indie rock, Pop Music, Punk
Years active 2004-present
Labels Fundog, Tomlab, Outside Music, Black Mountain Music, Out Of Touch Records, Divorce Records, NOYES Records
Members Nancy Urich
Seth Smith
Past members KC Spidle
Crystal Thili
Rob Shedden
Seamus Dalton
Mark Grundy

Dog Day is a Canadian indie rock duo based in Halifax, Nova Scotia consisting of husband and wife team Seth Smith and Nancy Urich.[1]

Beginning as Smith's solo project Hi-Firey,[2] he was joined with Urich and began the band as a side project from their main band, The Burdocks.[2] The duo soon changed their name to Dog Day when another husband and wife pair, KC Spidle and Crystal Thili, joined the band.[1] The band released its debut EP, Thank You in 2005, initially on homemade CD-Rs and later in a rerelease on Out of Touch Records.[3] They were subsequently signed to German label Tomlab.[3]

They released their debut full length, Night Group, in 2007 on Tomlab,[1] and followed up with Concentration in 2009 [4] which was mixed and produced by John Agnello at Water Music Recording in Hoboken, New Jersey.[4]

Spidle subsequently left the band following his divorce from Thili,[5] and was temporarily replaced by Rob Shedden.[6] Shedden left the band to focus on Long Long Long,[5] and original members Urich and Smith recorded released a third album as a duo. Deformer, was released on their own label, Fundog in 2011.[7]

In late 2013, the duo released a fourth album called Fade Out.[8] It was recorded at their home studio seeing Spidle, Michael Catano and Dale Fahey play as guest musicians. After the release, the duo toured joined with Mark Grundy on bass and Seamus Dalton on drums. The record held the number one position on nation college charts for two months.[9]

In 2015, Smith collaborated with Chad VanGaalen on the album Seed of Dorzon.[10]



  • 2007 - Night Group
  • 2009 - Concentration
  • 2011 - Deformer
  • 2013 - Fade Out


  • 2005 - Thank You
  • 2007 - Borden Sessions/See You Later (split release with Husband and Knife)
  • 2009 - Elder Schoolhouse


  • 2007 - "Oh Dead Life"
  • 2007 - "Lydia"

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