Dog Faced Hermans

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Dog Faced Hermans
Origin Edinburgh, Scotland
Genres Post-punk, anarcho-punk, avant-punk,[1] noise rock, experimental rock
Years active 1986–1995
Labels Demon Radge, Calculus, Vinyl Drip, Konkurrel, Alternative Tentacles
Associated acts The Ex, Rhythm Activism, Two Pin Din
Members Marion Coutts
Andy Moor
Colin McLean
Wilf Plum

The Dog Faced Hermans were a four-piece band whose style could be described as anarcho-punk incorporating folk and noise influences as well as unorthodox instrumentation.


Dog Faced Hermans formed by previous members of Volunteer Slavery[2][3] in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1986, but later moved to Amsterdam.[1] The band was closely associated with The Ex, and this resulted in a joint tour of Europe, a split cassette and "Stonestamper's Song", a collaborative single released under the name Ex Faced Hermans.[4]

They disbanded in 1995,[1] with members of the band moving on to other notable projects including the Canadian ensemble Rhythm Activism, and Holland's The Ex, with whom they collaborated and were closely affiliated and in whom guitarist Andy Moor has been a member since 1990. Drummer Wilf Plum now plays with Two Pin Din and "Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp".


  • Marion Coutts - vocalist, trumpet, bells
  • Colin Mclean - bass, guitar, steel drum
  • Wilf Plum - drums, scrap metal, foghorn
  • Andy Moor (The Ex) - guitar, viola, "hippo tube"
  • Gert-Jan - live sound



  • "Unbend" (7", 1987, Demon Radge, UK)
  • "Bella Ciao"/"Miss O'Grady" (7", 1988, Calculus, UK)
  • "Too Much For The Red Ticker"/"Timebomb"(7", Konkurrent Records 1989.)
  • "Peace Warriors" (7", 1993, Compulsive, UK) split single with Jonestown


  • Live Action & Increasing (Tape, 1988, Demon Radge, UK)
  • Humans Fly (12" EP, 1988, Calculus, UK)
  • Everyday Timebomb (LP, 1989, Vinyl Drip, UK)
  • Mental Blocks For All Ages (LP/CD, 1991, Konkurrel Records/A Bomb)
  • Humans Fly / Everyday Timebomb (CD, 1991, Konkurrel Records)
  • Live at the "Ancienne Chocolaterie" (Tape, 1991, Demon Radge)
  • Hum of Life (LP/CD, 1993, Konkurrel Records/A Bomb)
  • Bump and Swing (CD, 1994, Konkurrel Records/Alternative Tentacles)
  • Those Deep Buds (LP/CD, 1994, Konkurrel Records/Alternative Tentacles)

With The Ex[edit]

  • "Lied der Steinklopfer" ("Stonestamper's Song") (7", 1990) released under the name Ex Faced Hermans
  • Treat (split live cassette, 1990)
  • Bimhuis 29/06/91 (2×7", part of The Ex's 6 series of singles released throughout 1991)

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