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Following is a list of animal actors. Those listed should have either a substantial number of performances or, in rare cases, a high-profile role.

Name Type Lifespan Partial credits Notes
Ace the Wonder Dog Dog (German Shepherd) Before 1938–after 1946
Air Buddy Dog (Golden Retriever) 1988–1998
Bamboo Harvester Horse (American Saddlebred/part-Arabian) 1949–1970
  • Mister Ed in Mister Ed (1961–1966, 145 episodes)
Bart the Bear Bear (Kodiak bear) 1977–2000
Bart the Bear 2 Bear (grizzly bear) 2000–2021
Brigitte Dog (French Bulldog) Born 2010 Won the first Golden Collar Award for "Best Dog in a Television Series"[3]
Brody the Bear Bear (Kodiak bear) Born 1995
Brownie the Wonder Dog Dog (Bull TerrierFox Terrier crossbreed)
Buttermilk Horse (Quarter Horse) 1941–1972 Dale Evans' famous horse; see also Trigger, the horse of Evans' husband, Roy Rogers.
Cook Dog (Jack Russell Terrier)[4] 2000–2016
Crystal the Monkey Monkey (capuchin monkey) Born 1994
Daisy (originally named Spooks) Dog (Cocker Spaniel-Poodle-Terrier mix) 1937–1960
Gidget Dog (Chihuahua) 1994–2009
Hercules Bear (grizzly bear) 1975–2001
Higgins Dog (mongrel) 1957–1975
Hightower[11] Horse (Quarter Horse) 1982–2008
J. Fred Muggs Chimpanzee
Jean Dog (Border Collie) 1902–1916
Jed Wolfdog (timber wolf-Alaskan Malamute[13]) 1977–1995
Jiggs Chimpanzee c. 1929–1938
Johnny[15][16] Dog (mongrel) 1976–?
Josephine Monkey (capuchin monkey} c. 1907[17]–?
Keiko Orca 1976–2003
Kokomo Jr. Chimpanzee There were at least two chimpanzees, who performed on alternate days to avoid overwork.
Kuma von Clifford Dog (mongrel) 2001–2018
Kyte Dog (Belgian Tervuren) Born 1997
London Dog (German Shepherd) While London was the primary actor, several of London's relatives also played the character. The series was revived and aired from 1979 to 1985. While the dog was credited as London, it was a different dog.
Mike[27] Dog (Border Collie)
Moonie Dog (Chihuahua) 1998–2016
Moose Dog (Jack Russell Terrier) 1990–2006
Morris the Cat Cat (tabby cat) Died 1978
  • 58 commercials for 9Lives (1969–1978)
Won two PATSY Awards for his performances, in 1972 and 1973.
Mushu Dog (Pug)
Orangey Cat (tabby cat) c. 1950–1967 Two-time PATSY Award winner, for Rhubarb and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Pal Dog (Rough Collie) 1940–1958
Pal the Wonder Dog[29] Dog (American Pit Bull Terrier) 1924–1930 Died of poisoning after eating tainted meat.
Pankun Chimpanzee Born 2001
  • Japanese television shows
    • Tensai! Shimura Dōbutsuen (天才!志村動物園, lit. Genius! Shimura Zoo)
    • Dōbutsu Kisō Tengai! (どうぶつ奇想天外!, lit. Unbelievable Animals!)
Retired after attacking and severely injuring a zoo staff trainee.
Rancho Monkey
Rin Tin Tin Dog (German Shepherd) 1918–1932
Shep Dog (Collie) Died 1914
Skippy Dog (Wire Fox Terrier) 1931–1951
Soccer Dog (Jack Russell Terrier) 1998–2001
Spike Dog (Mastador - Labrador Retriever/Mastiff crossbreed) 1952–1962 Won the PATSY Award for Old Yeller
Strongheart Dog (German Shepherd) 1917–1929
Terry Dog (Cairn Terrier) 1933–1945
Trigger Horse (Palomino) 1934–1965 Famous as Roy Rogers' horse; see also Buttermilk, the horse of Rogers' wife Dale Evans. Won a PATSY Award for Son of Paleface.
Uggie Dog (Parson Russell Terrier) 2002–2015 Won numerous awards for his performance in The Artist, including the Palm Dog Award during the Cannes Film Festival.
Winter Bottlenose dolphin 2005–2021

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