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Doga Rules.jpg
Doga on Raj Comics calendar
Publication information
PublisherRaj Comics
First appearanceCurfew
Created bySanjay Gupta, Tarun Kumar Wahi & Manu(artist)
In-story information
Alter egoSuraj
Team affiliationsP.O.E.M.
Notable aliasesDana Dan Doga
AbilitiesExpert hand-to-hand combatant, Skilled marksman, Peak human strength and ability, Indomitable will, Genius-level intellect, Ability to communicate with canines

Doga is a fictional character, an Indian comic book anti-hero character appearing in Raj Comics, published and distributed across India. Created by Tarunkumar Wahi, Sanjay Gupta and artist Manu in the November 1992, Doga is the first and as yet the only antihero character in Raj Comics. The character first appeared in the issue Curfew. His first name is revealed as Suraj, although his surname has yet to be specified.

Deeply affected by his past and the cruelty on his life, circumstances resulted in an orphaned young Suraj to build up a life-long hatred against the twisted crime system. To end the pain and guilt he suffered since childhood and avenge the deaths of his close ones, Suraj concealed his identity behind a dog mask, adopted the alter-ego of a ruthless and feared vigilante named "Doga" and set out to cleanse his city of crime and corruption, starting by massacring a local street-gang. Deeply disturbed and traumatised since childhood, Doga is a cynical and brutish, yet idealistic vigilante who believes in "uprooting the problem rather than solving it", and does not believe in upholding the laws and rules of the world since he considers the whole system corrupt and twisted.

Doga is considered to be among the three most popular comic leading characters created by Raj Comics due to his huge fan following, the other two being Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruva. His comics feature real life like stories usually inspired from true events giving his comics a realistic world far from science fiction making him more popular among mature readers.

In August 2008 Indian Film maker Anurag Kashyap declared that he will be making a movie on Doga's character in a project produced by Sony International. Production was expected to begin in the middle of the year 2010.[1] However, the project was postponed.[2] Production was expected to begin in mid-2013 and Kunal Kapoor was rumored playing the lead.[3]


Suraj was an orphan who was found as an infant in a rubbish dump by Daku Halkan Singh, a ruthless Dacoit, who used him as protection against a police raid to save himself, but treated him like a dog (and called him that (kutte). While in Halkan's care, the child witnessed endless horrors that would ultimately lead to his becoming a sociopath.

Eventually he escaped Halkan's den with a kidnapped girl Sonu. Suraj's life took a turn for the better when he met Adrak Chacha (Hindi word for paternal uncle) and his brothers. Initially he used to practice in his gym hiding from others. Seeing his devotion, Adrak allowed the child to make use of his gym (Lion Gym) for weightlifting helping him to build his muscle mass. He was also given training in martial arts under Haldi Khan (one of Adrak's brothers), boxing under Dhania Khan, marksmanship and Fighter Pilot under Kalimirchi Khan (the youngest brother).

Suraj became Doga because of a personal tragedy that befell his "family" sometime later. A former member of the gym, Killota, set up his own place, and tried to eliminate his rivals permanently. Suraj was the only survivor of a carnage perpetrated by hired goons.

To seek revenge, Suraj adopted the alter ego of Doga, wearing a dog mask to hide his identity. He killed Killota's gang and further set out to become a one-man army against organized crime, mainly in Mumbai.

After that he killed Daku Halkan Singh who had by then become Minister Halkat. Because of his one-man army and brave image the people of Mumbai call him 'Mumbai ka Baap'(Daddy of Mumbai).

Vital Statistics:

  • Height - 6'5 (195 cm)
  • Weight - 94 kg (209 lbs)
  • Love Interest - Monika/Lomdi (She is the younger Sister of Inspector Cheetah, who initially disguises herself as Lomdi as she hated Doga & wanted to know his real identity, but when she came to know that Doga is none other than Suraj, her fiance, she decides that she will always be there to help Doga in his endeavour. She still hates Doga's barbaric way of dealing with criminals, but nevertheless, loves him. However, Doga doesn't know that Monika is Lomdi. )
  • Abilities & Strengths
  1. Extraordinary Physical Strength and Endurance,
  2. Expert in Martial Arts,
  3. Ability to dodge bullets (Black pepper art),
  4. Expert Shooter, has a lot of weapons in his arsenal,
  5. Can communicate with dogs and order them,
  6. Has quick reflexes and a clever mind which enables him to negotiate threat from his enemies as well as to avoid being caught by the police.
  7. His physical powers are the result of extremely rigorous workouts in gym, unlike other super-heroes who have special superpowers ( for example- Parmanu, who relies on advanced science for his atomic superpower or Shakti who has goddess-like superpowers). He has even fought Kobi, a wolf-like superhero, who is much taller and stronger than him. He is the strongest superhero, if special powers aren't considered.

The name Doga is a derivative of dog, a creature which is extremely brave. Dogs are also scary and are usually kept for protection. These elements of a dogs nature are fairly prominent in the character of Doga. There is however a different story behind the name "Doga" which appeared in one of his comics. The name has been taken from the four institutions his four uncles head, namely, Lion (D)en, Lion (O)ccult, Lion (G)ym and Lion (A)im. Most appropriately classified as a vigilante superhero, Doga wears a hound like mask and inflicts terror in the minds of criminals by his generally destructive modus operandi. Doga likes to take out criminals with force which is sometimes excessive but that's what makes him exciting. Often we see Doga being assisted by his uncles, most prominently by Kalimirch who is an expert marksman. Doga also has strong relevance to his home-city Mumbai. The city of Mumbai has deep impact on the character development of Doga and the storyline. The corruption amongst cops, political murders, terrorist attacks, underworld crime etc. play a very vital role in the setting and surroundings of Doga. Many of Doga's feats involve taking advantage of Suraj's excellent knowledge of the landscape of Mumbai and the urban scenarios.


Doga(Suraj) on his journey made many friends, some of these actually came to know about his real identity, those are

  • Adrak Chacha
  • Dhania Chacha
  • Haldi Chacha
  • Kali Mirchi Chacha
  • Inspector Cheetah (now retired, working as private detective)
  • Monika .Inspector Cheetah's sister Also it was revealed in the later issues of Doga that Suraj belongs to judge Chowdhary's family further adding Kiran as his sister who is one of his allies and knows his secret identity.
  • Mohar Singh (Cook of Lion Gym)
  • Inspector Surya
  • Dr. Bhanu
  • Kiran

In a later story it was revealed that Monika is actually Suraj's lost lover Sonu, who he thinks died many years ago. It was revealed in a comic "I Love You" along with a novel by the same name.

He has also teamed up with other Raj Comics Superstars like Parmanu, Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Inspector Steel, Bheriya and Shakti.

Profiles of Uncles (Chachas)[edit]

Adrak Chacha: One time weight lifting champion. He runs the Lion Gym. A father-figure for Doga. Adrak also means Ginger.
Dhania Chacha: Younger brother of Adrak. An ex-heavy weight boxing champion, now runs his own boxing school named 'Lion's Den'. Doga learnt boxing art from him. Dhania also means Coriander(or Cilantro).
Haldi Chacha: Another brother of Adrak. An expert in martial arts. Owns a martial arts centre named 'Lion Occult'. Trained Doga in martial arts. Haldi also means Turmeric.
Kalimirchi Chacha: Last of the brothers. A champion sharp shooter. Expert in firearms and explosives. Runs the 'Lion Aim Club', a training center for shooting. Doga honed his shooting skills under his care. Kalimirchi also means Black Pepper.

Doga was almost killed by his four uncles in the series Tune Mara Doga Ko under the influence of his arch enemy Kal Pahelia.[4]


His arch rivals are:

  • Kaal Paheliya
  • Janine Chatterjee
  • Bihari Bhai
  • Bulldog
  • Raat Ki Rani
  • Big Bad Boss
  • Red button
  • Kaalnitiya
  • Bloodman
  • Sarkar
  • Yuva
  • Jhanavi Behl
  • Angry Jha


Doga has no special powers except that he is able to communicate with Dogs who help him gain information as he travels the sewers of Mumbai. He fights crime to alleviate and control his anger for the pain he suffered from criminals and crime during childhood. In combat, he relies on his Martial Arts training, his fearlessness, his impressive physical power which is a result of his years spent in the gym as well as a fairly large arsenal of guns and bombs. Doga has shown an extraordinarily high level of pain tolerance.

Doga's special characteristic is his renowned hatred for crime and criminals. This factor charges him up equally for every wrong-doer he comes across. Doga has been presented showing no mercy towards criminals hence he is hugely popular for his one-man army image.

Published Series[edit]

Raj comics published a series of Doga comics called Khoon Mein Janmaa (In English : Born in Blood). It was a long series of Doga comics. The first comics of the series titled Doga Tere Karan (In English : Because of you Doga) and many other stories.

Doga in Born In Blood Series.

The parts of this series in chronological order are-

Born in Blood Series[edit]

  • Doga Tere Karan
  • Nasur Doga
  • Nikal Pada Doga
  • Bhookha Doga
  • So Ja Doga[5]

Wafa Series[edit]

  • Wafa
  • Wafadaar
  • wafanhihu

Doga Hindu Hai Series[edit]

  • Doga Hindu Hai
  • Apna Bhai Doga
  • Doga Hai Hai
  • Ro Pada Doga
  • Doga Ka Curfew

Express Way Series[edit]

  • Express Way
  • Speed X
  • Speed Breaker
  • Thamba

Doga Unmulan Series[edit]

  • Doga Nirmulak
  • Doga Bekabu
  • Doga Nyay
  • Doga Unmat
  • Doga Ansh
  • Doga Dhwast
  • Nirmulak Kranti
  • Doga Ast (Upcoming)


Raj Comics has produced several hundred Titles on Doga. A list could be seen at

List of Doga's till now published comics sequentially:[6][7]

  1. Curfew
  2. Ye Hai Doga
  3. Main Hoon Doga
  4. Adrak Chacha
  5. Gainda
  6. Chor Sipahi
  7. Inspector Cheeta
  8. Kutta Fauj
  9. Muqabla
  10. Bulldog
  11. Khatarnak(sp)
  12. Hadtaal
  13. Doga Zindabad
  14. Bichchhu
  15. Aakhiri Goli
  16. Doga Aur Jhabra
  17. Superboy
  18. Golden Hatyara
  19. Kuttaraj
  20. Jabardast
  21. Nishana Dil Per
  22. Bubo Bubo
  23. Tiranga(sp)
  24. 786(sp)
  25. Main hoon Bheriya(sp)
  26. Tandoor
  27. Magarmachch
  28. Cheekh Doga Cheekh
  29. Lomdi
  30. Kali Vidhwa
  31. Kharab Kanoon
  32. I Love U(sp)
  33. Kayar
  34. Haath Aur Hathiyaar
  35. Mara Gaya Doga
  36. Marenge Doga Ke Dushman
  37. Do Faulad(sp)
  38. Sheer Ka Bacha(sp)
  39. Mard Or Murda(sp)
  40. Khaki aur Khaddar(sp)
  41. Khooni Paheliyan(sp)
  42. Deadline
  43. Mrityudata
  44. Thandi Aag(sp)
  45. Trombay Trick
  46. Doga Ko Gado(sp)
  47. Doga-Shakti
  48. Raat Ki Rani
  49. Bhul Gaya Doga(sp)
  50. Savdhaan Doga(sp)
  51. Kaun Bada Jallad(sp)
  52. Char Minar
  53. Khoon Ka Khatra(sp)
  54. Aath Ghante(sp)
  55. Doga Maar(sp)
  56. Nisachar(sp)
  57. Butler
  58. Time Over(sp)
  59. Bachiye Madam
  60. Valentine
  61. Hey Raam
  62. Torcher
  63. Jalianwala
  64. Aaj Mat Ja
  65. Jara Bach ke
  66. Ghus Pethia(sp)
  67. 4 Kilometer Aage
  68. Body Guard
  69. Vardiwala Doga
  70. Bik Gaya Doga
  71. Mumbai ka Baap
  72. Race
  73. Har Mod Pe Khada Hai Doga
  74. Doga ne Mara(sp)
  75. Headline
  76. Doga Hajir Hai
  77. Ding Dong Doga
  78. Wardi Aur Bandook(sp)
  79. Tune Mara Doga Ko
  80. Apun Bola Kill Doga
  81. Bombay Dying(sp)
  82. Welcome Doga Welcome Steel
  83. Nishane Par Doga(sp)
  84. Adrak Ke Panje(sp)
  85. Kyun Maron Pagal Ko
  86. Jaan jokhim mein
  87. Doga ka Postmartam(sp)
  88. Doga Ki Adalat
  89. Boli Aur Barood(sp)
  90. Kyun Fenka Kude Pe(sp)
  91. Tu Samajhta Kyun Nehi Doga(sp)
  92. Brahmand Ke Rakshak
  93. Kalu 420 Doga 440(sp)
  94. Apun Pagal Hai
  95. Deal(sp)
  96. Doga My Brother(sp)
  97. Ye Shadi Hoke Rahegi(sp)
  98. Kobi Bhai(sp)
  99. Ek Meyan Doh Talwaar(sp)
  100. Gangwar(sp)
  101. Good Time Bad Time(sp)
  102. Gatar Hamara Hai(sp)( Doga and Fighter todes )
  103. Robo Breaker(sp)
  104. Daulat Hai Asi Cheez(sp)
  105. Doga Hai Hi Asi Cheez(sp)
  106. Mujhe Marna Hai(sp)
  107. Pakistan Jindabad(sp)
  108. Shaitan Raag(sp)
  109. Naram Garm(sp)
  110. Doga Jail Mein(sp)
  111. Bhad Mein Ja(sp)
  112. Doga Hamein Do(sp)
  113. Ghusa Hindustani(sp)
  114. Baap Ka Raaz(sp)
  115. Bhag Doga Bhag(sp)
  116. Kaun Bachega Kaun Marega(sp)
  117. Kala Tiranga(sp)
  118. Dhama Chaukri(sp)
  119. Haat Utha Doga Gun Jhuka Steel(sp)
  120. Aandha Doga(sp)
  121. Gunda Gamraj Khooni Doga(sp)
  122. Faulad Nehi Fathte(sp)
  123. Kahan Gaya Doga(sp)
  124. Barood Putra Doga(sp)
  125. Kaal Aur Doga(sp)
  126. Kaal Aur Kali(sp)
  127. I Hate Doga
  128. Pasa Fenk Tamasha Dekh
  129. Suraj Doga Ban
  130. Goli Number 10
  131. Mein Bhi Policewala
  132. Hath Jod Hathiyar Chod
  133. Ab Tu Nehi Mein
  134. Doga Se Marwaunga
  135. Gayabchand
  136. Indian Idol
  137. Bhai Kamaal Hai
  138. Doosra Khun
  139. Guntantra
  140. Dugdugi Doga
  141. Doga Niti
  142. Super Idiot
  143. Khaki Chuha
  144. Doga Haran
  145. Doga ka Encounter
  146. Sarvanaash
  147. Doga Tere Karan(Born In Blood Series)
  148. Nasoor Doga(Born In Blood Series)
  149. Nikal Pada Doga(Born In Blood Series)
  150. Prasanjeet(sp)
  151. Bhookha Doga(Born In Blood Series)
  152. So Ja Doga(Born In Blood Series)
  153. Wafa(Wafa Series)
  154. Wafadaar(Wafa Series)
  155. Doga Hindu Hai(Doga Hindu Hai Series)
  156. Apna Bhai Doga(Doga Hindu Hai Series)
  157. Doga Hay Hay(Doga Hindu Hai Series)
  158. Ro Pada Doga(Doga Hindu Hai Series)
  159. Doga ka Curfew(Doga Hindu Hai Series)
  160. Express way(Express Way Series)
  161. Speed X(Express Way Series)
  162. Speed Breaker(Express Way Series)
  163. Thamba(Express Way Series)
  164. 26/11 (spl)
  165. Halla Bol
  166. Vridh Warrior
  167. Golden Racer
  168. Golden Hero
  169. Old-Is-Gold
  170. Abhishapt
  171. 8:36
  172. Matrbhumi
  173. Chehra
  174. Lakshya Bedhi
  175. Lakshya Purush
  176. 72 Ghante
  177. Raavan Doga
  178. Shubhashay Shighram
  179. Raat ka Bhakshak
  180. Doga Nirmulak (Doga Unmulan Series)
  181. Doga Bekabu (Doga Unmulan Series)
  182. Doga Nyay (Doga Unmulam Series)
  183. Doga Unmat (Doga Unmulam Series)
  184. Doga Ansh (Doga Unmulam Series)
  185. Doga Dhwast (Doga Unmulam Series)
  186. Nirmulak Kranti (Doga Unmulam Series)
  187. Doga Ast (Doga Unmulam Series-Last Part)

Now, Raj Comics is also publishing Digest consisting of sets of 3-6 comics of Doga. Till date, 10 Digests have been released,


Bollywood Director Anurag Kashyap declared that he will be making a film on Doga, produced by Phantom Films and Raj Comics,[8] However this project is shelved[9]. Now Raj comics produced a short movie "Doga - Mumbai ka Rakhwala" with Rubber switch films directed by Vikki Kaul and a trailer was out on its Official YouTube channel.


[10] - Check out 9th video for Doga's Origin | Biopic [11] - Watch doga's Animated video

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