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Dogbert's New Ruling Class (DNRC) is the official Dilbert fan club. It is a group of people who, according to Dilbert author Scott Adams, will form the new ruling elite once Dogbert conquers the Earth. DNRC members (defined in effect by their subscription to the (free) email Dilbert Newsletter, which was issued approximately four times per year, apparently ending in 2008)[citation needed] are characterised by their "superior intelligence and good looks", whereas non-members ("induhviduals", a play on the word "duh") suffer from idiocy and lacklustre charm. DNRC membership stood at 533,198 in February 2008[1] and has been fairly stable since September 2004.[2]

According to Dogbert, DNRC will eventually take over the world. Once this happens, all "induhviduals" will become subservient slaves of DNRC (except the CEOs, who are too incompetent to do anything). It is not certain whether this will be permanent, however, since in the past Dogbert has been known to conquer the earth only to grow tired of the ensuing peace.

A typical DNRC newsletter contains the following core features:

  • Strange Thought Of The Day
  • "Induhvidual" Quotes
  • True Tales of "Induhviduals"
  • Ask Dogbert

Adams also uses it as vehicle to promote his other publications, often done so blatantly as to be part of the humor.


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