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This article is about a Lithuanian rock band. For the dumbbell-shaped tuned mass damper, see Stockbridge damper.

Dogbones was a Lithuanian rock band, which existed from 1995 to 1998.


Dogbones was formed in Vilnius in 1995 by Sidas, Marksas, and drummer Teo. The trio soon built up an underground following, and became noticed by the local independent label Zona for their energetic and lively punk/grunge sound. This led to their first release, a split-MC with fellow local band Marichuana.

Due to a continuing lack of interest from national record companies and radio stations, and also a decline in Lithuanian public interest in alternative rock, Dogbones split up in 1998. Later they were reborn as Dyvai.

Band members[edit]

  • Sidas - vocals, guitar
  • Sla- guitar
  • Giedrė - vocals
  • Marksas - bass guitar
  • Sprindys- bass guitar, vocals
  • Teo - percussion
  • Mykolas - percussion