Doghouse Records

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Doghouse Records
Doghouse Records Logo.gif
Founded 1988
Founder Dirk Hemsath
Distributor(s) INgrooves
Genre Alternative rock, emo, punk rock, pop punk, indie rock
Location New York, New York
Official website Doghouse Records

Doghouse Records is a Toledo, Ohio based record label, now run out of the New York City office. Doghouse is a fully independent label and company.

The label was started in 1988 by Dirk Hemsath releasing early recordings of his band Majority of One. The next 10 years saw such heralded underground vinyl releases by Endpoint, Transcend and Split Lip, then pioneering records by The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Chamberlain and As Friends Rust. In the early 2000s, Doghouse signed their first big success, The All-American Rejects, releasing their debut LP in late 2002, which was later re-issued by DreamWorks Records. Say Anything was later signed by Doghouse and picked up by major label J Records and Meg & Dia was picked up by Sire Records. Dia Frampton from Meg&Dia went on to win the runner up slot on the NBC show The Voice.



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Adam Dove, The All-American Rejects, Another Day Late, Army of Me, A Lot Like Birds (Equal Vision Records), As Friends Rust, The Bigger Lights, Cable, Chamberlain, Celebrity, Cruiserweight, David Moore, Endpoint, Favez, Feable Weiner, Fountainhead, The Get Up Kids, Hot Water Music, Husking Bee, Joshua, Jowls, Koufax, Kurt Travis (Equal Vision Records), Lights, Limbeck, Majority of One, Mansions, Meg & Dia, Metroschifter, Moods for Moderns, Mondo Primo, My Hotel Year, Paulson, Push to Talk, River City High, Sunday Driver, Split Lip, Say Anything, The Honorary Title, The Status, These Enzymes, Threadbare, Transcend, Weatherbox, With The Punches, You, Me, and Everyone We Know

Labels Marketed By Doghouse[edit]

  • Band(B&)Recordings
  • Civil Defense League
  • Heinous Records

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