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Doghouse Records
Parent companyWarner Music Group
Founded1987 (1987)
FounderDirk Hemsath
Country of originU.S.
LocationNew York City

Doghouse Records is an American record label currently based in New York City.[1][2] The company was founded by Dirk Hemsath in late 1987 while living in Toledo, Ohio, in order to release the recordings of his hardcore band, Majority of One.[3][4][5] The label originally specialized in midwest emo and melodic hardcore, though it eventually incorporated punk rock, pop punk, indie rock and alternative rock artists.

Doghouse Records was originally distributed through Lumberjack Distribution (also owned by Hemsath), then through the conglomerate Lumberjack Mordam Music Group (once Hemsath bought out Mordam), the latter of which signed a distribution deal with WEA in November 2004, which became effective on January 1, 2005.[2][6][7][8] As part of the WAE deal, Hemsath negotiated an "upstream" clause to promote and develop select Doghouse Records bands to major record label Warner Music Group; as such, and through a financial agreement between the two parties, Doghouse Records became an affiliate of Warner Music Group.[6][9][8] Later in 2005, Doghouse Records relocated to New York City.[9]

In 2005, the label released a Bob Dylan tribute album, featuring bands on its roster as well as artists such as P.O.S and Sparta vocalist Jim Ward.[10]


This is a list of artists who have been signed by Doghouse Records.[11]

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