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Parent company DogmaTone
Founded 2007
Distributor(s) DogmaTone
Genre Rock music, Metal, Hard Rock
Country of origin India
Location Bangalore, Karnataka
Official website DogmaTone Records

DogmaTone Records is a registered Indian record label, formed with the objective of promoting and encouraging Indian rock music. DogmaTone Records has released an album titled The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock. This was a compilation of India's unknown, yet talented rock bands.[1]

DogmaTone Records is headquartered in Bangalore and have representatives in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai. DogmaTone Records promotes the music of a band and also conducts stage shows, reviews in trade magazines, etc.

The First Mutiny : Dogmas of Indian Rock was DogmaTone Records' first release that received reasonable success and acclaim.[2]

DogmaTone Records has now shown involvement in encouraging young rock bands, by offering winners of college festival Rock competitions, a record deal. According to the team behind DogmaTone Records, tie-ups with premiere educational institutions of India to make this a yearly process are currently in progress.

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