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Opened December 2004
Pricing model Free
Platforms Platform independent
Format MPEG Layer 3 (.mp3), OGG Vorbis (.ogg)
Restrictions None, Creative Commons Licenses, Free Art License[clarification needed]
Catalogue 2000+ artists, 18000+ tracks, 170+ labels
Preview Entire song
Streaming Yes
Burning/copying Allowed
Protocol Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http://)
Availability WorldWide
Features Tags, Free downloads, Community, Free from advertising

Dogmazic is one of the primary free music download managers in France. Dogmazic was created in December 2004 by the Bordeaux-based Association Musique libre!, a major proponent of the French free music movement.

Dogmazic's database contains roughly 2000 artists, largely but not exclusively from France. All of Dogmazic's music is licensed under terms that permit free redistribution, such as Creative Commons licenses and the Free Art License.

Dogmazic does not carry any advertising.

The Association Musique Libre![edit]

The Association Musique Libre! was created in Bordeaux at the end of December 2004. This was followed by the opening of a Lyon branch in 2006. The goal of the Association Musique Libre! is to promote and distribute the work of independent artists within the framework of the Free Art license.

The Association lobbies on behalf of non-trading companies and artists in the recording industry. It also aims to inform both artists and the public about the Free Art License and Internet distribution models.

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