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Origin United Kingdom
Genres Trance
Years active 2003–2008
Labels Maelstrom Records
Members Simon Patterson
Richie Kayvan

Dogzilla was a duo of dance music musicians from the United Kingdom. The group has had four major releases since 2003 and is composed of Simon Patterson and Richie Kayvan, both based in London. They are most famous for their single "Without You" which charted in numerous countries, including Finland where it reached the number 11 spot.[1] The song also appeared on many respected compilation albums such as Dave Pearce Dance Anthem Classics[2] and former world #1 DJ Paul Van Dyk picked it as his track of the year.[3] Their eponymously titled debut featured in the cult Brit flick 'The Football Factory'.[4]

By day Simon works as A&R for Judge Jules and is also resident at Serious @ The Cross, whilst Richie is currently producing a major new band for V2 records.

In 2008 Simon Patterson left the project, essentially leading to its stop.



  • 2003 - Dogzilla
  • 2004 - Your Eyes
  • 2005 - Without You
  • 2007 - Frozen


  • 2003 - Solex (Close To The Edge)
  • 2003 - In The Park
  • 2003 - So Damn Beautiful
  • 2004 - Amen (Don't Be Afraid)
  • 2004 - It's All Vain
  • 2004 - Come (Into My Dream)
  • 2004 - When The Dawn Breaks
  • 2005 - Dark Side Of The Moon
  • 2006 - The Ones We Loved
  • 2006 - Stimulate