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Doha Tower and Convention Center

Coordinates: 25°19′40″N 51°31′56″E / 25.3277°N 51.5321°E / 25.3277; 51.5321
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Doha Tower and Convention Center
الدوحة برج مركز المؤتمرات
General information
StatusComplete (Convention Centre)
On hold (Tower)
LocationDoha, Qatar
Construction startedOctober 22, 2007[2]
Estimated completionTBA
Openingdec 2019; TBA
OwnerQatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company[1]
Antenna spire560 m (1,840 ft)
Roof551 m (1,808 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count112[3]
Design and construction
MEP_engineer: Arup
Consultant: Hyder Consulting
Project Management: Turner Architect of Record: Diwan Al Emara
Structural engineerMagnusson Klemencic Associates, Hyder Consulting
Main contractorBesix, Midmac Contracting Company, Eversendai, ETA-Debbas (MEP) [1]

The Doha Convention Center Tower is a on-hold 551 m (1,808 ft) tall skyscraper project which was planned to be constructed in Doha, Qatar.[3][4] The structure, shaped like a tapering obelisk, would have housed offices on the lower levels, apartments, a hotel and penthouse residences on the upper floors. At the very top, a private club was to occupy a 60 m (200 ft) high glass cylinder surrounded by extensions of tower's façade and supported by a structural helix.[5]

Construction was suspended following the discovery that the building would impact flight paths to and from Doha International Airport.[2] Construction was expected to continue when the Hamad International Airport was completed on reclaimed land approximately 3 km to the east of the current airport.[2] The delay meant that the building's completion date was moved from 2012 to an unknown date.[1][2] The Tower was redesigned with a similar shape similar to the nearby Al Quds Endowment Tower. After the completion of Hamad International Airport, the plans for the supertall skyscraper were scrapped; however, the convention center was successfully built, and opened in 2015.

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25°19′40″N 51°31′56″E / 25.3277°N 51.5321°E / 25.3277; 51.5321