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Revised Romanization Gongsan-dong
McCune–Reischauer Kongsan-tong

Gongsan-dong is an administrative dong in Dong-gu, in northeastern Daegu, South Korea. It has an area of 83.78 km², most of which is vacant; its population is only 18,177. Slightly more than half of the people live in the dong's 38 apartment blocks.[citation needed]

The dong was first constituted in 1981. For much of the 1980s and 1990s, it was divided into two administrative dong, but these were reunited into Gongsan-dong in 1998.

Gongsan Dam, which supplies drinking water for much of northern Daegu, is also located within the boundaries of Gongsan-dong. Land use in much of the dong is restricted due to regulations protecting the water supply and natural environment.

Legal dong[edit]

Because of the relatively low population density, Gongsan-dong encompasses a total of 14 legal dong. This is the reverse of the usual situation in urban areas, where legal dong are subdivided into numerous administrative dong.

  • Jimyo-dong (智妙洞, 지묘동), site of the shrine of Shin Sung-gyeom
  • Dohak-dong (道鶴洞, 도학동), site of Donghwasa temple
  • Neungseong-dong (능성동)
  • Jinin-dong (진인동)
  • Baegan-dong (백안동)
  • Migok-dong (미곡동)
  • Yongsu-dong (용수동)
  • Sinmu-dong (신무동)
  • Midae-dong (미대동)
  • Nae-dong (내동)
  • Deokgok-dong (덕곡동)
  • Songjeong-dong (송정동)
  • Sinyong-dong (신용동)
  • Jungdae-dong (중대동)

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