Dokki Doki! Love Mail

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"Dokki Doki! Love Mail"
Dokki Doki! Love Mail.jpg
Single by Aya Matsuura
Released April 11, 2001 (JP)
Format CD Single
Recorded 2001
Genre Japanese pop
Length 13:37
Label Zetima
Producer(s) Tsunku
Aya Matsuura singles chronology
"Dokki Doki! Love Mail"
"Tropical Koishiteru"

"Dokki Doki! Love Mail" (ドッキドキ! LOVEメール?, Dokki Doki! Love Mēru) is the debut single of the J-pop singer Aya Matsuura, who started her career as a Hello! Project solo artist with this song, while she was about 15. It was released on April 11, 2001 under the Zetima label and reached place 10 in the Oricon charts and charted for six weeks, selling 72,070 copies.

It was also re-recorded in 2006 for her "Naked Songs" album. This album included arrangements with a Studio Brass Section and more acoustic rhythm section.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics are written by Tsunku.

  1. "Dokki Doki! Love Mail" (ドッキドキ! Loveメール?)
  2. "Machiawase" (待ち合わせ?, Rendezvous)
  3. "Dokki Doki! Love Mail" (Instrumental)

Music video[edit]

In the music video Matsuura Aya is shown singing in different places:

  • dancing before a colorful painting
  • standing and sitting on a small flying earth
  • walking and dancing between small model skyscrapers (she later puts flowers on them)
  • watching excited as flying ice creams pass
  • jumping around in a room full of balloons
  • being with two small versions of herself, one as angel, on as devil, who later turn into an army of devils and angels
  • she with a dozen clones of her on small spaceships
  • she giving her paper work to a robot (played by herself), who is shown doing the work for her
  • on several TV screens all over big cities

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