Dokkyo Medical University

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Dokkyo Medical University
Dokkyo Medical University2009.jpg
Dokkyo Medical University 2009
Former names
Dokkyo University School of Medicine
Established 1973
Students 631
Location Mibu, Tochigi, Japan

Dokkyo Medical University (獨協医科大学 Dokkyō ika daigaku?) is a private university in Mibu, Tochigi, Japan, established in 1973.

Dokkyo University is located in the town of Mibu, in Tochigi Prefecture, about two hours north of Tokyo by train.


Although the history of Dokkyo Medical University is not long, its parent university Dokkyo Gakuen was established in Tokyo in 1883 as the Doitsugaku Kyokai Gakko under the sponsorship of Nishi Amane, Yamagata Aritomo, and Katsura Taro. Doitsugaku Kyokai Gakko later became Dokkyo Gakuen. After World War II, Dokkyo Gakuen established a junior and senior high school in 1946.

In 1964, Dokkyo Gakuen established Dokkyo University in Saitama for its 80-year anniversary. Subsequently, Dokkyo Gakuen established a medical school, Dokkyo Medical University in 1973 in Mibu, Tochigi. Its main hospital and Koshigaya Hospital of Dokkyo Medical School are the center of clinical medicine in northern area of Kanto. The Faculty of Medicine was beginning to play the main role in the Dokkyo University, which resulted in the change of the school's name from Dokkyo University School of Medicine to Dokkyo Medical University in 2007.

It was founded by Minato Seki.


Dokkyo Medical University has been one of the easiest medical schools to enter in Japan.[1]

Undergraduate programs[edit]

  • School of Medicine (B.S.): Department of Medicine
  • School of Nursing (B.S.): Department of Nursing

Graduate program[edit]

  • Graduate School of Medicine (Ph.D. in Medicine)
  • Graduate School of Nursing (Ph.D. in Nursing)

Student and staff numbers[edit]

Students: 631 (male: 391; female: 240)


  • Professors: 74
  • Associate professors: 88
  • Full-time instructors: 150

Attached institutions[edit]

  • The medical information center
  • The institutions of general medicine


  • The main hospital
  • Koshigaya Hospital

Dokkyo Gakuen[edit]

  • Dokkyo University
  • Dokkyo Medical University
  • Dokkyo Junior High School & Senior High School
  • Dokkyo Saitama Junior High School & Senior High School

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