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Dokmai Garden is a private tropical botanical garden in the Hang Dong district in Chiang Mai Province, Thailand. The aim of Dokmai Garden is to impart knowledge about tropical organisms in general, and monsoon gardening in particular.

The garden was developed by the Seehamongkol family in collaboration with western scientists who transformed a former longan plantation (Dimocarpus longan, an edible fruit) into a modern ethno-botanical garden with emphasis on fruits, vegetables, trees, and mushrooms. The garden opened in 2009 and covers 4 hectares (10 acres) and features more than 1000 plant species and a number of free-living butterflies, birds, reptiles, and fish. There are multilingual informational signs (English, Japanese, Thai) throughout the garden, providing scientific names, history and information about 500 selected plants.

Dokmai Garden is a centre for seminars, excursions and courses in collaboration with local universities, amateurs and enterprises. The associated Dokmai Dogma is a forum for sharing experience on monsoon gardening. Dokmai Garden also hosts the Orchid Ark aimed at the conservation of Thai orchids.[1]


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Coordinates: 18°40′38″N 98°52′43″E / 18.6773°N 98.8786°E / 18.6773; 98.8786