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Doliskana Monastery
დოლისყანის მონასტერი
Basic information
Location Province of Artvin, Northeast Turkey (historic Georgian principality of Klarjeti)
Architectural description
Architectural type Monastery, Church
Completed tenth century

Doliskana (Georgian: დოლისყანა, Turkish: Dolishane) is a Georgian medieval Orthodox monastery in the Medieval Georgian kingdom of Klarjeti (modern-day Artvin Province of Turkey). It is now used as a mosque. Its construction was finished in the mid 10th century, during the rule of Sumbat I of Iberia. It is located high above the right bank of the Imerkhevi River.

The inscriptions[edit]

On the exterior walls of the church are several short inscriptions in Georgian written in the Georgian Asomtavruli script. One mentions the prince and titular king Sumbat I of Iberia.[1] The inscriptions have been dated to the first half of the 10th century.[2]

Inscription 1[edit]

  • Translation: "Christ, glorify our King Sumbat with longevity."[3]

Inscription 2[edit]

  • Translation: "Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel."[4]

Inscription 3[edit]

  • Translation: "Created by the hand of bishop Gabriel."[5]

Inscription 4[edit]

  • Translation: "Saint Stephen, have mercy on priest Gabriel."[6]

Inscription 5[edit]

  • Translation: "Jesus Christ, have mercy on the church of our kings, o Christ have mercy."[7]


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