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Doljanka's canyon, and Doljani village
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
River mouth Neretva
43°39′58″N 17°45′30″E / 43.6661°N 17.7582°E / 43.6661; 17.7582Coordinates: 43°39′58″N 17°45′30″E / 43.6661°N 17.7582°E / 43.6661; 17.7582
Basin features
Progression NeretvaAdriatic Sea

Doljanka is a right tributary of Neretva river in Northwest Hercegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1][2]

The length of Doljanka is araund 18 km and reaches an altitude drop of about 400 m. Arises from sources scattered type under the far northeast slopes of Vran mountain on altitude of 1324 m. It runs through limestone canyon, which is high up to 1,200 m and flows through the village of Doljani.

Doljanka flows into the Neretva River between Jablanica and Mostar, at an altitude of 300 m. It is also the connection over which trouts from the Neretva river crossing in Doljanka during spawning. Confluent area of Doljanka encompasses the area between the mountains Baćine in the north and Čvrsnica in the south: it surface takes around is 69 km2. It receives a small number of tributaries (Bijeli potok, Trn, Loznik, and Cvitan), so that water mainly comes from underground karst water.

The water level of the river is slightly lower compared to other Neretva tributaries, because its riverbed is rocky and sandy, which allows life brown trout and its natural food. The difference in water level in summer compared to winter is quite large.


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