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A customized Dollfie doll

Dollfie is a brand of vinyl doll created by the Japanese company Volks in 1997. It is a highly poseable hybrid of fashion doll and action figure. A Dollfie doll is about the size of a Barbie doll, 1/6 or playscale, though there are variants in different heights ranging from 23–29 cm (9–11.5 in). Dollfie dolls generally come blank, i.e., their heads are not painted. When an artist paints a Dollfie, the technique is referred to as a "face-up" or "make-up". Dollfie dolls are much more flexible than typical Barbie-style western fashion dolls of the same size, because of the much larger number of joints in the body.

Dollfie are often confused with Super Dollfie, a larger 1/3 scale 60 cm (23.5 in) range of resin dolls, also made by Volks, or even similar larger Asian ball-jointed dolls from other companies. The brand name Dollfie should accurately only be used for Volks's line of 1/6 dolls though.

Volks Inc. originally manufactured dolls with doll-crafters and artists in mind. For those with less skill, doll-crafting short-cuts were introduced, such as pre-rooted hair and stick-on eye decals. Later, finished dolls were issued. There are various body types, male and female, with several forms and skin tones for both as well as a line of child-sized dolls. The company also makes tools and materials to customize and maintain dolls.

Dollfie Dream is a line of 60 cm soft-bodied vinyl dolls made by Volks, similar to the smaller Dollfie dolls.

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