Dollma Tekke

Coordinates: 41°30′22″N 19°47′34″E / 41.5061°N 19.7928°E / 41.5061; 19.7928
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Tekke of Dollmë
Native name
Albanian: Teqja e Dollmës
Coordinates41°30′22″N 19°47′34″E / 41.5061°N 19.7928°E / 41.5061; 19.7928
Dollma Tekke is located in Albania
Dollma Tekke
Location of Tekke of Dollmë in Albania

The Tekke of Dollmë (Albanian: Teqja e Dollmës) or Haxhi Mustafa Baba Tekke (Turkish: Mustafa Baba Dolma tekkesi) is a Cultural Monument of Albania, located in Lagjja Kala, Krujë.[1] Before its destruction by the Communist dictatorship, the tekke of Krujë had 360 holy graves and was known as "Little Khorasan".[2]

It is located in the southern corner of the fortress of Kruja.[3]


Interior of the tekke
Interior of the tekke

The tekke was built in 1193 AH (1779–1780 AD) by Adem Aga Toptani (d. 1784), whose marble tomb is inside the tekke. It may have originally been a mosque instead of a Sufi shrine, since there is a mihrab (prayer niche) inside. Pilgrims gathered at the tekke on the feast day of August 11.[3]

The Dollma family is buried inside, and some of the graves are revered as shrines:[3]


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