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Online backup service
Industry Cloud Computing
Founded 2009
Headquarters New York, New York

DollyDrive is a service that provides Apple Macintosh users cloud-based backup, file sharing, syncing and storage. The application also features backup to external drives, and drive cloning to allow for near-instant recovery in the event of a disaster. There is also an iOS app, allowing users to access stored documents from iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

In 2011, DollyDrive received MacLife's awards for Best Mac Software[1] and Best of Show[2] at Macworld Expo.


DollyDrive offers several backup and file storage components in a single integrated application: Cloud Backup, Space, Local Backup and Clone.

  • Cloud Backup allows for automatic, versioned backup of local files to DollyDrive's secure servers. There are no limitations on file type or size, and users can customize what's included and excluded from their backups. Backups are performed incrementally, so that only the new or changed data needs to be uploaded.
  • Space enables DollyDrive users to store files remotely, and access them from either Macs or iOS devices running DollyDrive applications. Users can store files in the cloud, sync files between devices, and share files via a secure link. Space is integrated into OSX's Finder, and allows users to sync files on a per-folder basis. Rather than using a designated sync folder, users can maintain their current file organization, and specify which files are synced to other devices.
  • Local Backup uses the same simple interface as Cloud Backup, but allows users to back up data to a second local drive. Local and Cloud Backup operate independently, with their own inclusions, scheduling, and other preferences.
  • Clone offers DollyDrive users the option of creating a bootable clone of their Mac. Cloning can be scheduled, and updates are incremental, for fast performance.

For enterprise customers, DollyDrive also offers Dock, a customized, stand-alone backup appliance featuring DollyDrive's component services.


At launch in 2010, DollyDrive allowed users to back up their Macs in the cloud, utilizing Apple's built-in Time Machine technology. Since then, DollyDrive has transitioned to their own proprietary backup software, which allowed for the expansion of services to include file sharing, syncing, and cloud storage. DollyDrive no longer uses Time Machine-based backups.

In addition to single-user accounts, DollyDrive offers family plans for backing up multiple Macs, as well as a Pro version for enterprise and small businesses.

DollyDrive currently operates data centers in the US and EU.

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