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Dolly Drive
Type Online backup service
Industry Cloud Computing
Founded 2009[1]
Headquarters New York, New York
Products Dolly Drive
Dolly Clone
Dolly Space
Dolly Sync
Dolly Dock

Dolly Drive[2] is a cloud backup service that allows Mac users to create versioned backups of their files online and locally, as well as store large amounts of files in the cloud for access from any computer or Mobile Device. Those files can be synced locally on a computer as well. Dolly Drive backs up files in Apple's Lion & Mountain Lion OS using its own proprietary platform called REVO. Mac users who use the Snow Leopard OS can back up their data to an offsite data center utilizing Apple's Time Machine interface. The REVO Platform does not use Time Machine. Dolly Drive expanded its grid to the EU in September 2011.

Dolly Drive received MacLife 2011 awards for Best Mac Software[3] and Best of Show[4] at MacWorld Expo 2011. Dolly Clone[5] is a free software program used to create a bootable hard drive clone for local data protection.


Dolly Drive offers several cloud software solutions: Dolly Drive backup with Time Machine, DollyClone, DollySync, DollySpace, DollyDock, and iDolly.[6]

Dolly Drive is a subscription-based cloud storage service allowing clients using Time Machine, Apple’s auto-archiving software that comes installed on every MacBook, iMac, MacTower, Mac OS X Server and Mac mini to store their data to an offsite data center.[7]

Dolly Clone allows users to create a bootable clone of their hard drive that allows them to run directly off the clone if their internal drive malfunctions. The incremental cloning feature allows the clone to update without complete re-cloning.[8]

Launched at Macworld 2012, DollySync is designed for multi-Mac families, or anyone who works on one Mac at home, and another in the office. With the free iDolly iOS app, you can also edit and share your documents,from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Since all your changes sync automatically to all your devices,the current version of a document will always be accessible. Dolly Sync keep everything up-to-date.

Also Launched at Macworld2012, DollySpace expands your hard drive by mounting a cloud drive on your Mac Desktop. Users have full access to the drive and can drag and drop seldom used files and folders so that they can fee up their local hard drive.

With the Dolly Drive website you can manage your account size and account settings. And with the Dolly Drive family plan you can share an account for the same price.

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