Dolna Mitropoliya

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Coordinates: 43°28′N 24°32′E / 43.467°N 24.533°E / 43.467; 24.533 Dolna Mitropoliya (Bulgarian: Долна Митрополия, "Lower Bishopric"; also transliterated as Dolna Mitropolia, Dolna Mitropolija) is a town in Pleven Province of northern Bulgaria, the administrative center of Dolna Mitropoliya municipality. It is about 10 km northwest of the city of Pleven. As of December 2009, the town has a population of 3,303 inhabitants.[1]

Near Dolna Mitropoliya is the 12th Training Air Base, housing the aviation facility of the National Defence University.

Dolna Mitropoliya has the second Bulgarian automobile race track and the first and only supermoto track.