Dolomites SkyRace

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Dolomites SkyRace
LocationItaly Dolomites
Event typeSkyRace
Vertical Kilometer
Distance23.5 km / 1,950 m D+
2.7 km / 1,100 m D+
Official siteDolomites SkyRace

The Dolomites SkyRace is an international skyrunning competition held for the first time in 1998. It runs every year in Italian Dolomites in July and consists of two races SkyRace and Vertical Kilometer both valid for the Skyrunner World Series.[1]

Dolomites SkyRace[edit]


Year Winner Second Third
1998 Italy Fabio Meraldi Italy Fausto Bordiga Italy Pio Tomaselli
1999 Italy Jean Pellisier Italy Fausto Bordiga Italy Aldo Guadagnini
2000 Italy Fausto Bordiga Italy Fabio Bonfanti Italy Paolo Larger
2001 Italy Paolo Larger Italy Luigino Bortoluzzi Italy Andrea Martinelli
2002 Italy Lucio Fregona Italy Paolo Larger Italy Ettore Girardi
2003 Colombia Saul Padua Italy Paolo Larger Italy Martin Planker
2004 Italy Fulvio Dapit Italy Bruno Brunod Italy Michele Tavernaro
2005 Italy Michele Tavernaro United Kingdom Simon Booth United Kingdom Rob Jebb
2006 Spain Agustì Roc Amador United Kingdom Rob Jebb Italy Matteo Piller Hoffer
2007 Slovenia Mitja Kosovelj Spain Tofol Castanyer Bernat Spain Agustì Roc Amador
2008 Spain Kílian Jornet Burgada Spain Tofol Castanyer Bernat Italy Tadei Pivk
2009 Spain Raul Garcia Castan Italy Dennis Brunod Italy Giovanni Tacchini
2010 Italy Paolo Larger Italy Michele Tavernaro Italy Fulvio Dapit
2011 Spain Luis Alberto Hernando Spain Miguel Caballero Ortega Italy Michele Tavernaro
2012 Spain Kílian Jornet Burgada Romania Ionut Zinca Slovenia Mitja Kosovelj
2013 Spain Kílian Jornet Burgada Italy Marco De Gasperi Italy Tadei Pivk
2014 Spain Kílian Jornet Burgada Romania Ionut Zinca Italy Tadei Pivk
2015 Italy Tadei Pivk Romania Ionut Zinca Switzerland Egli Pascal
2016 Italy Tadei Pivk Norway Stian Overgaard Aarvik Switzerland Martin Anthamatten
2017 Spain Jan Margarit Sole Italy Davide Magnini Italy Marco De Gasperi


Year Winner Second Third
1998 Italy Morena Paieri Italy Silvana Iori Italy Daniela Gilardi
1999 Italy Morena Paieri Spain Teresa Rocca I Casas Italy Teresa Forn I Munnè
2000 Italy Daniela Gilardi Italy Silvana Iori Italy Vera Derrigo
2001 Italy Michela Benzoni Italy Annamaria Garelli Italy Armanda Maruzzi
2002 Italy Silvana Iori Italy Mariagiulia Canello Italy Rizzi Michela
2003 Italy Giovanna Cerutti Italy Cristina Paluselli Italy Mariagiulia Canello
2004 Spain Anna Serra Italy Emanuela Brizio United Kingdom Ruth Pickvance
2005 France Corinne Favre Italy Emanuela Brizio Italy Anna Serra Salame
2006 United Kingdom Angela Mudge France Corinne Favre Italy Paola Romanin
2007 United Kingdom Angela Mudge Andorra Stephanie Jimenez Italy Paola Romanin
2008 Italy Antonella Confortola Andorra Stephanie Jimenez Italy Pierangela Baronchelli
2009 Italy Antonella Confortola Spain Monica Ardid Ubed Italy Nadia Scola
2010 France Laetitia Roux United Kingdom Angela Mudge Andorra Stephanie Jimenez
2011 Spain Mireia Mirò Spain Oihana Kortazar United States Brandy Erholtz
2012 Sweden Emelie Forsberg United States Kasie Enman Spain Mireia Mirò
2013 Sweden Emelie Forsberg Italy Silvia Serafini Spain Nu Dominguez Azpeleta
2014 Spain Laura Orgué Sweden Emelie Forsberg Spain Maite Maiora
2015 United States Megan Kimmel Spain Laura Orgué Italy Elisa Desco
2016 Spain Laura Orgué Italy Elisa Desco France Celia Chiron
2017 Spain Laura Orgué United States Hillary Gerardi Norway Hilde Ardes

Dolomites Vertical Kilometer[edit]


Year Winner Second Third
2008 Italy Manfred Reichegger Spain Agustì Roc Amador Italy Urban Zemmer
2009 Italy Urban Zemmer Spain Agustì Roc Amador Italy Manfred Reichegger
2010 Italy Urban Zemmer Italy Nicola Golinelli Italy Manfred Reichegger
2011 Italy Urban Zemmer Slovenia Nejc Kuhar Italy Alessandro Follador
2012 Slovenia Nejc Kuhar Spain Saul Padua Rodriguez Spain Kilian Jornet Burgada
2013 Spain Kilian Jornet Burgada Italy Urban Zemmer Italy Philip Götsch
2014 Italy Urban Zemmer Slovenia Nejc Kuhar Italy Marco Moletto
2015 Italy Philip Götsch Italy Urban Zemmer Spain Saul Padua Rodriguez
2016 Italy Philip Götsch Slovenia Nejc Kuhar Italy Hannes Perkmann
2017 Italy Patrick Facchini Switzerland Remi Bonnet Slovenia Nejc Kuhar


Year Winner Second Third
2008 Italy Antonella Confortola Italy Pierangela Baronchelli Spain Gemma Arrò Ribot
2009 Italy Antonella Confortola United Kingdom Angela Mudge Spain Monica Ardid Ubed
2010 France Laetitia Roux Italy Antonella Confortola United Kingdom Angela Mudge
2011 Italy Nadia Scola Italy Alessandra Valgoi Italy Francesca Simoni
2012 Italy Antonella Confortola Spain Mireia Mirò Spain Blanca Maria Serrano
2013 Italy Antonella Confortola Sweden Emelie Forsberg Czech Republic Iva Milesova
2014 Spain Laura Orguè Vila France Christel Dewalle Italy Antonella Confortola
2015 France Christel Dewalle Norway Eli Anne Dvergsdal Spain Laura Orguè Vila
2016 Spain Laura Orguè Vila Italy Valentina Belotti Italy Francesca Rossi
2017 France Axelle Mollaret Finland Susanna Saapunki Switzerland Victoria Kreuzer

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