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In Greek mythology, the name Dolops (Ancient Greek: Δόλοψ) may refer to:

  • Dolops the Trojan, son of Lampus. In the Iliad, he confronted Meges in a battle and could have killed him if not for Meges' strong corselet; as Meges fought back, Menelaus attacked Dolops from behind and killed him, whereupon the Greeks removed his armor.[1]
  • Dolops the Achaean, son of Clytius, killed by Hector in the Trojan War.[2]
  • Dolops of Lemnos, father of the shepherd Iphimachus who took care of the abandoned Philoctetes.[3]
  • Dolops, son of Hermes, who died in the city of Magnessa.[4] His tomb was located at the seashore; the Argonauts stopped by it for two days, waiting for the stormy weather to be over, and offered sacrifices to him.[5]
  • Dolops, a son of Cronus and Philyra, brother of Chiron, mentioned by Hyginus but otherwise unknown.[6]


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