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Dolphin's Barn Fire Station.

Dolphin's Barn (Irish: An Carnán, meaning "the parcel") is an inner city suburb of Dublin, Ireland, situated on the Southside of the city in the Dublin 8, and partially in the Dublin 12, postal district. Its name derives from a family named Dolphyn who once owned a prominent storehouse there.[citation needed] Surrounding areas include The Liberties, Inchicore, Islandbridge, Kilmainham and Crumlin. It is home to one of the city's fire stations which is situated on the corner of Parnell Road and Rutland Avenue. The Grand Canal passes through the centre of the locality under Dolphin's Barn Bridge.

The Dublin marathon passes down South Circular Road in Dolphin's Barn.[citation needed]


Dolphin's Barn is the home of both Kevin's Hurling Club [1] and former League of Ireland club Dolphins.

Jewish cemetery[edit]

The official Jewish cemetery of Dublin is on Aughavannagh Road near Dolphin's Barn. It was established in 1898 by Robert Bradlaw and the Dolphin's Barn Jewish Burial Society to replace the Ballybough Cemetery which was nearing capacity. Bradlaw was one of the founders of the St. Kevin's Parade Synagogue. The cemetery was dedicated to Sir Moses Montefiore.[2][3]

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